The Dangers of Pepper Spray – Infographic

A few years ago two of our dogs got into a fight. They were sisters and were always scrappy but usually it wouldn’t escalate much beyond a growl and a nip and it was over. This one day it was a full tilt attack.

10 Types of Facebook Friends

I admit it. I was slow to jump on the Facebook friends bandwagon years ago. It wasn’t that I didn’t think joining yet another cool social network wasn’t the right thing to do. It had to do with something else. I’d like to say

What is an Enterprise Application Platform?

An enterprise application platform is a multifunctional system that developers can use to create applications for businesses. The application platform contains all the elements a developer needs to smoothly and intricately build and deploy company applications. Additionally the platform allows easy integration of all

Differences Between GMO and Organic Foods

Many consumers wonder about food labels and the differences between the types of foods. The most common confusing food reference terms are the terms “organic” and “GMO.” GMO and organic are terms that describe the way that farmers and agriculturists manufacture foods. Organic foods

Where to buy Palcohol as soon as it’s approved

Consumers will shortly have use of a more suitable method to have a cocktail. A guy named Mark Phillips developed the initial theory for Palcohol. But he didn’t value taking hefty bottles. He worked with a number of scientists and created booze in a

Why Are We Not Getting Enough Sleep?

Disclaimer: When I was in college, I didn’t get much sleep. I know, news flash right? No, it wasn’t because I was out partying and drinking. The truth is, a huge amount of college students don’t get enough sleep. A study recently found that

HOW LOUD IS TOO LOUD? – Infographic

When I’m zipping down the highway hovering around the speed limit in my car I usually have the tunes cranked pretty loud. As anyone will tell you, there’s a good reason for listening to music as loud as possible. For some of us it


It was Grade 9 French. I failed it miserably and ended up taking it again in Summer School. I was thinking maybe the extra work boning up on my parlez vous would make it easier for Grade 10 French and by the time I