The Advanced Guide To SEO


Updated: December 7, 2016 ♥

Have you ever heard the SEO term, or website promotion with SEO but you don’t know further more?

Do you know that SEO helps the increase of traffic in your website ?

You are new user of SEO but you haven’t made your first step of website promotion in search engines?

You may have knowledge about SEO’s basics but you want to learn much more to increase your rankings, so, your clients can find you easier?

In any category above you belong, you’re in the right spot!

dotted_lineWhat Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

What-is-SEO-and-Why-Do-I-Need-ItTo begin with, let’s see what SEO term, means.

The SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is the method to improve the website’s rankings in the search engine’s results with cause to increase the visitor’s number which the website receives.

To achieve high website rankings, and good SEO also, it needs to combine many and different SEO parameters:
From the words you built your website (keywords) to the links (backlinks) that your website gains from other pages.

SEO is not only the construction of a website which is friendly to the search engines.
You have to keep in mind that is the ideal method to create a website that distinguishes from others and has high standards on internet’s world.

So, this guide has designed that way to describe all the aspects of SEO and all this elements you have to keep in mind to help you increase your website’s traffic, making it friendly in search engines but mainly in visitor users.


Don’t consider SEO only as a method to appear in Google’s first page, but also as a motivation to improve constantly your website something that will offer you significant long-term benefits.


Why Do I Need SEO?

The majority of traffic that websites gains, originates from search engines (GOOGLE-YAHOO-BING)
Although, social media (especially the well-known Facebook, twitter, pinterest) have heavy traffic in a website, the search engines, especially Google, is the basic path which leads the most visitors to find what they’re looking for and finally to end up in one specific website.

So, the ‘search engines’ classified as the compass which directs the visitors to your website.
If they can’t detect and rank your website in high position, you lose a unique chance to send targeted traffic on it.

Traffic that comes from the search engines can determine the success or the failure of your business.
It’s important to have a beautiful and rich in content website.
But, if you have a website that does not bring no visitor at all, because nobody can found it on the internet, for which cause you maintain this specific website?


Every search engine’s visitor who keyboards words concerning the product or the service you provide, is a potential customer of your business.


How Does Google Rank Websites?

As Google possesses huge quota of traffic from the visitors worldwide, we focus on the way you achieve the first page in Google. Similar tactics for the rest of search engines (Bing,Yahoo) below.

Before we proceed in the steps you have to follow for the appearance in Google’s first page, let’s solve a basic question.


The answer is simple.

The search engines, although they’re smart, but they want your help.

With the passage of time, the algorithm that ranking websites is constantly improved to collect the contents deeply and to bring out the best results to the visitors in fractions of a second.

But what ‘BEST RESULTS’ mean?

Years ago, only a few keywords and the frequent repetition into the text of the website would achieve the first’s page joy for some words-keys.

Nowadays, the situation is different.

Google rates the websites considering the crowd of the factors that affect SEO.
So, it needs fully strategy SEO and specific moves to attract daily, important traffic and gain as much visibility as you can in the ‘battle’!

World’s internet, becomes constantly competitive and the companies/businesses/blogs that doing SEO regularly and with right methods will outmatch always against these who ignore the need to invest in a integrated SEO strategy.

So, if you want to improve the rankings you win from the search engines, we recommend you to read carefully the guide and focus on ,in the 4 separately elements that will improve the SEO of your website.



keyword-research-diagramKeywords are the start of every effort to improve our website’s SEO. Are, essentially, search engine’s foundation tongue.
The website promotion via SEO, must always start with the suitable keywords choice.

Without keywords, no SEO can exist, to be honest. The keywords operates like compass to each SEO Campaign: they show you how to move properly and their classification show you if you’re making progress or not in time.

Essentially, the way we understand if there’s any development in website’s SEO is via keywords.
If their rankings gets on, then, the strategy we follow ,ascribes.
But if not, then we have to review and focus on other keywords or, different website promotion techniques.

An easy way to improve your rankings is to make sure that the basic keywords which interests you, are used into the content:
In title, in headings and in every’s internal URL ,so you can increase the relativity index of your website in the specific keywords.

Keywords Choise

How you choose the right keywords?

Finding keywords, is an integral piece every’s SEO strategy.
But it must achieved to discover keywords that:

  • Have a big quest volume, so there’s a possibility to bring enough traffic in a website.
  • Have low competition, that means we have possibilities for high ranking with these words (for example, is possible to achieve 1st place for theword ‘hotel’ but is also feasible the keyword ‘ luxury hotel in Rome’
  • Are gully relevant with the business’s object and, except traffic, they can bring sales.
  • They’re long tail keywords, and not only 2 word keyword.

Long Tail Keywords

Why you have to focus on LONG TAIL KEYWORDS?

short-tail-vs-long-tail-keywordWith the term Long Tail Keyword we mean keywords that are a over a 2 word keyword.
For example, instead of focus on ‘golden crosses’ word, you can focus on ‘golden crosses for christen’ word.
It’s obvious that long tail keywords do not bring traffic as the smaller expanse keywords do, although they’re notably important because they bring visits fully targeted.

As you make your keywords more specific, you reduce the competition, improve the possibilities to achieve higher ranking and you increase the possibilities to have
traffic that will lead you to immediately sales.

Feature example, Amazon, which gains million visits from the word DVD , also, meantime, gains million targeted visits from all the DVD’s specific titles.
If we observe it closer, no one of the specific DVD titles can’t bring the same traffic as the word DVD brings , but, in total, the mass, if its add, is bigger and their targeting much specific.


Useful Keyword Research Tools

Tools that helps you to find and choose Keywords

There is large number of tools that helps you in finding and valuate keywords which helps you to ‘pour foundations’ of SEO in your website.

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER: Fully free tool which provided through the Google’s AdWords platform and gives you the opportunity to valuate traffic that can gives you a keyword, as the competition which is around it, also .
It’s usually the first tool for keyword research that uses every Digital Market.

MOZ KEYWORD TOOL: Moze’s suite , provides a large number of tools to improve your website’s SEO , also, provides and keyword tool to control your keywords.
Important advantage, is the fact that gives you indices of competition difficulty for each word it locates and regards your business, so that you know the difficulty to increase your rankings for each keyword.

LONG TAIL PRO: Exceptional tool to find infinity amount of Long Tail Keywords.

COGNITIVE SEO: Cognitive’s SEO platform provides a complete solution for every’s SEO organization and, certainly, keyword’s investigation and choice.


Focus on, especially, Long Tail Keywords when website makes it’s first steps on SEO, so that you can achieve some initial rankings, and then, in shorter length keywords that brings bigger traffic.



High quality and unique content for better SEO

content marketingFrom the moment you choose the appropriate keywords, it’s important to give emphasis in your website content.


The search engines scans your website in a way to find the related topic and then decides for what keywords or websites can be ranked highly.

All this obviously in fractions of a second.

You can essentially ‘affect’ the way that will be given to the public these rankings if you optimize brilliantly your content for the keywords you have already chosen.

seo-content-marketingThis can happen if you create content that contains useful information concerning the topic the website’s deals.
That means that you don’t have to focus on the way the Google’s robots reads the websites, but the experience that yours website visitor’s reaping.

Few years ago, in a trial to fool the search engines, a technique of exaggeration keywords use had been used largely (KEYWORD ABUSE)
This had to deal with the Keyword 5 itself and 6 times in the same paragraph, in titles, in media descriptions etc.

But, the search engines are developing and as they become more intelligent, they couldn’t be ranked highly, websites that use cheap ways to succeed good SEO.

The extreme use of keywords into the website, may bring down your rankings and affect negatively the SEO.

So, the best tactic is to use the keywords with natural way and with strategy into the content.

If, for example, your website is about the topic of healthy diet, you can structure your content with titles as:

  • What healthy diet means?
  • What foods includes healthy diet?
  • Advice’s for each meal in a day.
  • Cooking recipe that helps in healthy diet.

You don’t need to refer 20 or more times the keyword ‘healthy diet’
You must create a unique content which is useful to your readers and provides large number of information’s about the topic of healthy diet.
Be sure that Google robots will realize everything and award you in the passage of time.


Ideas for brilliant Content

Follow clever strategy in Content Marketing.

The creation of analytical and qualitative content can give huge boost on website’s SEO.
The content creation for your website and the promotion is well known as CONTENT MARKETING.
Keep on mind that the content marketing it’s not SEO. But, it’s a strategy you have to follow to affect your SEO with positive way, But how can you use the Content Marketing?

  • Write an article about a subject which is directly liked of your visitors and you provide useful advice’s.
  • Create a detailed guide or a promotional video for the item you offer, which explains fully its capabilities and benefits.
  • Ask of your clients to tell you their opinion about the item and incorporate their critic in your website.
  • Refresh the old content of your website with new data and incorporate statistics and explanation photographs.

If you don’t spent time and effort in your content, no one will give attention as they find better sources on the internet.

Write articles about your business, answer to your visitor’s questions, give solution to a problem and promote your website as a trustworthy information source.

What is more possible? To buy an item or a service by someone who gave you useful information about a topic, or, by someone who you never have heard or read of him/her ?


Offer something for free and make sure that your visitors will reword you in day , buying some f your services or your items.

Last but not least, the most important thing your content must have: ORIGINALITY
It’s an urgent necessity NOT to post somebody’s third content in your website (without source reference), except legal sanctions.
Apart from this, copying a content is unacceptable and as the Google figures, your SEO will be ranked as not acceptable, the classification of the keywords about the theme will be fallen.


On page SEO (Technical SEO)

Improvement of website to SEO

The term ON PAGE SEO, has to deal with all this technical elements that have to parameter on your website’s code to be improved with the best possible way to SEO.

You have to have on mind firstly, that the Google’s robot do not perceive the websites as the visitor does, and then , you will understand that you have to build the individual elements of website’s code for better SEO.

That means that they don’t interpret the content of your websites as the human brain does. (Although they’re making progress to reach the similar level)
The website you’re reading isn’t perceivable by a search engine as it’s to you.

We focus on to some techniques which are necessary to create websites that are properly structured, as to the search engines, as to the human.


How to structure your website for better ON SEO PAGE

  • Short URL, 3 words to 5, separated with pause (-) including the basic websites keyword.
  • Title that includes firstly the keyword and not in the end of it.
  • Backlinks usage to other more trustworthy and full relevant websites (outbound links) With this way, Google perceives better your website’s theme.
  • Usage of the basic keyword into the heading type H1 (heading 1)
  • WEBSITE’S LOADING SPEED, so, trustworthy and quick web hosting.
    See the ways you can achieve high rankings for your website, choosing a web hosting package.
  • Usage of a long term content.
    It’s observed that contents bigger than 2000 words accepts better rankings in Google.
  • BOUNCE RATE REDUCTION (means: increasing of user’s residence time in website)
    Create useful content and creative design to achieve it. Google considers that websites with big bounce rate don’t have special value and it don’t classify them in first positions.
  • Usage H2 and H3 headlines that includes website’s keyword
  • Improvement of images through usage description on alt tag to get higher your website’s classification on Google’s Image search

The parameters above play a determining role in SEO’s website promotion as a technical part. There are few more on-page SEO factors you can see in full-list SEO that was published in previous article.



How to Promote a Website Through Link Building

The links that your website has from other pages, maybe, it’s the most important part of SEO.  In SEO’s terminology they have the name: backlinks.
As many as websites give a backlink ,as possible is to achieve the top on Google’s competition.

The reason that backlinks have great value on SEO is, the easy way for everyone to build a brilliant website, to create a high quality and original content ,build it with specific keywords and finally , to possess the top place.
But, it’s hard to convince other websites that you deserve to give you a backlink to yours.

Before the examination of some basic ways to acquire backlinks you have to know:

  • Backlinks that are into a website’s content is more important than the backlinks which are into a sidebar or on the footer
  • Backlinks from pages they are relevant to the website’s theme are more valuable than backlinks that come from unknown non relevant websites.
  • The anchor text, the text that everyone does ‘click’ on it to go to the link (so, in our website) plays the most important role in Link Building procedure.
    For example, if we desire to classify a website for the phrase ‘website advertising’

To realize the value and the way the Link Building in SEO operates, is enough to think, this:

If we are sick, whom are going to be consult by? Two very good doctors or 10 random friends that have knowledge about some basic medicine?

The answer is obvious. So, even if you get some opinions and not many, you will take an experts opinion.
The quality outmatch the quantity.

You must know that something relevant happens on the internet. Backlinks helps Google to ‘realize’ how your website acquires confidence vote from other websites on the internet, and then you gain best classification.

Don’t forget that Google’s purpose in every search engine of a user is to provide the best possible result (relevant and quality information)
And when you gain many confidence votes, means that you counted among, in one of the best results of a relevant search

With the doctor’s example, counts all the backlinks that shows in your website but they don’t count them with the same way,
As more as trustworthy and quality the websites that give you a backlink are, as much value added in your website.

Long time earlier, the backlinks number played important role, but now, the number is reduced steadily as the machines realizes and ranks with the best way in website’s quality from where they come for.



3 simple ways to gain a backlink:

  1. Ask from your clients to give you a backlink.
    If you have any co-workers or clients that you make business together, you can sent them a beautiful banner with your brand to use as reference to their website.
  2. Creation of professional blog that provides valuable content.
    The content marketing and SEO is inextricably linked. The search engines will classify you highly if you can’t provide the best content comparatively to your competitors.
    Blogs have unique ability to provide fresh and rich content with keywords concerning your business matters, and they bring links from outside sources that founds your articles interesting and they suggest them through a backlink to them.
  3. Create a content that provides unique and useful information’s, so it attracts backlinks with natural way. If you write something useful and you not only reproduce information’s on the internet, then your public will be interested and will give you natural backlinks

A high quality content gains attention, likes and shares will be provided, necessary to build your website presence.


What Are NoFollow Links

The backlinks to your website may contain the feature NO-FOLLOW

This, practically, means that the holder of the website that gives backlink to other website ‘says’ to the search engines to abolish this backlink as a rewording to the targeted website, so not as added value to this website.

No-follow, essentially, dictates to search engines not to follow a backlink.
It’s been designed as a way to help backlinks be given when someone writes a comment in some blogs or forums, as also for protection reasons from spam links and reasonable websites be fully protected.

Obviously, links that are followed by the feature no-follow, interpreted different by Google and they don’t have same validity with others.

So, it’s bad to have no-follow links?

Although they don’t add value to your website, no-follow links it’s normal to exist and they aren’t negative.
A website that has many backlinks, it’s necessary to have some no-follow to show a normal and not a spam profile backlinks.


Common SEO MISTAKES to avoid

What you must avoid during Link Building procedure.

❌ Low quality backlinks and doubtable value websites cause bigger damage than benefits from your classification.

❌ The anchor text of backlinks you receive must be different and not the same.
As many variations exists, as normal is (and no spam) looks like on Google’s ‘eyes’

❌ The retaliatory backlinks (means, the reference of your website from other, and the reverse at the same time) brings the opposite result, and not requital for SEO.
They considered as a trial to fool the search engines.


Backlinks, essentially, are the most important parameter today on SEO and powerful link building will give you the power to rank many and different keywords in high positions.

We discussed the 4 basic steps that required to improve your website’s SEO to give an important boost to your rankings in Google.

If you follow exactly all the steps above, make sure that your website’s traffic will be increased.

But, we have a question.

How often must SEO becomes?

Here, we have to have on mind that SEO is a Digital’s Marketing subconscious and the genera’s Marketing of your business.
There are many more factors that defines if a website will be ranked highly in search engines,

With base, everything that have analyzed and in the specific SEO guide, it’s easy to realize that SEO it’s not an on-off procedure. Is repeated . If you intent to deal once with SEO, do not deal with it at all.
You can’t achieve SEO in a day, or a month. SEO never ends and also, it changes every day and you must be adjusted to the algorithm’s changes and stay to high level.

Just be patient. Nothing is gained in a day (except lucky games)
Maybe, for some time you will spend your money and believe that there’s no result at all. But stay stable with a right SEO strategy.
If your plan is accurate and based on strong SEO foundation, make sure that will rewards you.

Meanwhile, have always on mind, that time is needed for search engines to refresh the registrations as they must scan billions of websites (and more when your website is fresh)

You want to success on SEO and bring traffic on your website?

For conclusion, let’s summarize the 3 basic steps.

  • Find what the users on the internet researches. (Keywords and long tail keywords)
  • Create a website with rich content related these researches.
  • Improve the website to SEO so they can find you easily and achieve sales.

The search engines don’t rank you low this moment because they want to harm you. Their target is to show off the first rankings and the best possible result, the representative and quality content related to the search term that the user types.

So, if you work methodically to create a website that provides the best possible content and promote it effectively, they will realize and will reward you through higher rankings in SEO.

Safe keep this guide and follow the analyzed steps carefully.

It takes time and certainly a lot of work, but is very interesting and definitely deserves to experience the beginning of each problem on a journey that will lead to the top.