How to Start a Blog • The Most Complete Guide Ever

Welcome to the world of blogging. As someone who’s been blogging for a number of years, I can share how incredibly rewarding it can be as both a full-time venture and hobby. Its benefits are virtually endless. Each day millions of people read blogs for information or post content to their own blogs as partRead More

The Gains and Pitfalls of Blog Commenting

SEO strategists have had an on-off relationship with blog commenting for years. It’s become a hot topic recently, with Matt Cutts being forced to come out with Google’s ‘official’ stance on the matter. But as with much of what Google say, we must analyse the issue from Google’s perspective, look at what actually takes place, and draw our own conclusionsRead More

6 Impressive Blog Brand-Building Techniques

Plenty of business owners use blogging as a way to build their company’s brand. But what not everyone realizes is that a successful blog requires brand-building of its own. You can’t expect your audience to simply happen upon you by chance. You have to demonstrate that your blog is valuable by demonstrating authority and buildingRead More

Storytelling and emotional connections in blog posts

Storytelling makes sales letters and blog posts so much more entertaining to read. If done well it gives you huge boosts in credibility and will in general significantly increase your sales. So what are the elements of a great story? How can you use it in your blog posts to increase your credibility? And howRead More