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I decided to share with you today how to build an active blog community because I believe that if you have a blog then it can benefit you greatly.

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Why A Blog Community Is Important

Our blogs are the marketing tools we use to get people interested in what we offer.

Our content is what will keep them coming back for more and learning from us.  That’s the most important ingredient to start with.

So how do we get people interested in what we share?

By putting ourselves out there in front of enough of the right people.

How can you do that?

By blog commenting.

If you have a blog whether you’re new or not we are always reading other people’s content so that we can learn from them as well.  I’ve learned probably as much if not more from reading people’s posts then the products I’ve purchased.

Since we’re already doing this then I sure hope you’re commenting too.

What I did was I started commenting on at least five blogs a day and I made sure they were different blogs so by the end of that week I had commented on 25 blogs.

I did that religiously and after four months I started to get a steady stream of visitors and averaging around 30 comments per post.  It’s only grown from there.

Now why are comments important?

Because it’s social proof that you know what you’re talking about.

Let’s say a new blogger is searching for information and they stumble upon your blog.  If they see 30, 50, 70 or more comments on each post don’t you think they’ll be immediately impressed?  That alone is mind blowing for so many people.

They’re immediately curious about what you share just because of the amount of comments that you receive.  Their thinking is wow; this guy/gal really must know their stuff!

If people are actively commenting on your posts then they are enjoying what you’ve shared and want to express their opinion about the subject as well.

That’s where you can start to build relationships with your commenters by asking them more questions.

The Key To This Process

To get people to comment you need to ask them questions in your post.  People want to respond to questions right!  Do you know that when I first started blogging I never commented?  Want to know why?

They didn’t ask me to.  Duh!!!

You might think that is ridiculous but you have to understand that especially for new bloggers they don’t know how all of this works.  We can assume all we want but we all know how that works out for us at times right!

That’s why a call to action is SO important and I put mine toward the end of all of my posts.  You’ll see it in this one too so watch and learn.

You need to get people talking by asking them questions so when possible, ask them more questions after they’ve commented.

Now you have to have some type of plugin set up so that they’ll actually receive an email with their comment and your response.  This way they know you responded but don’t install one so that when they click on that link they’ll get everyone’s comments because that turns a LOT of people off, me included.

From there as you help solve your readers problems and they KNOW you’re going to respond to their comment, they will start coming back for more and more and more.

As people start to comment on your content, be sure to drop by their blog and see what they share too.

It’s important that in the beginning of this process that you reciprocate.  Over time you’ll get busier and a lot of what they share won’t interest you so you don’t want to comment just to comment.  You do though want to show your support and trust me when I say they will appreciate that.

When people are starting out, they’re eager to get their first commenter and they’ll remember you forever.

Comment In Your Niche

It’s okay to comment on blogs outside your niche but depending on what you do you want to make sure you’re in front of your target audience.

Take for instance what Carol and I blog about.  I help people with blogging in general, how to drive traffic to their blogs and how to build relationships with their readers and subscribers.

Carol teaches the techie stuff that so many of us are idiots with.  There is SO much to blogging that for both of us it wouldn’t matter what niche they’re in as long as they have a blog.  For you though it might be different.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking why would I want to comment on my competitor’s blog?

I can understand that question, seriously.  But look at it this way!  Aren’t the people reading their blog your target audience too?  If you start by leaving really great comments that people see as very genuine then they’re going to immediately be interested in checking you out.

I hate to look at this as a competition because we all are unique and different.

I may gravitate toward one person because I just sense that I relate to them more than the other person even though they share the same information.  Maybe I understand what one person is sharing over the other.

You’re going to have much better luck finding the right people who want what you share by visiting the majority of the blogs in your niche.

Google has a 70/30 rule which means that 70% of the people who comment on your blog and link to your blog should be inside your niche.  About 30% can be outside your niche.  Any higher number than that and you might get on the bad side of Google down the road.

Community Leads To Relationships

Having an active community is proof to others that you know your stuff and that others trust you.  No one is going to continue to comment on content that isn’t helping us so just remember that.

An active community can lead to great relationships with your readers that will lead to them opting into your list where you can continue to build relationships with them there.

Ready To Build An Active Blog Community

Well are you?  Do you have an active blog community now?  If not are you ready to start building one?

Do you think you can take what I shared here and start putting yourself out there more and building one of your own?

Do you have any questions that I might be able to help you with?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and this my dear friend is my call to action.  Feel free to respond to the questions I’ve asked here and let’s get you on the road to building an awesome active blogging community shall we!

I would really love it if you shared this post with your friends too.  They will be very appreciative if you shared with them something that will help them too and that’s a great way to stay in their good graces.

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