Blogging Success: 53 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid


Blogging is not easy-peasy or get rich quick. I know its not a great way to open a blog post on a blog which talks about blogging tips. But I don’t want to sugar coat my posts and give you a fake feel about all the stuff going on in the blogosphere.

Blogging Success is not a joke either.

Just like any other job, you have to work hard and smart to earn your pennies. From my personal experience, I must say that the shoot up, or the time that takes to pick up momentum and eventually to taste the tip of success is much longer compared to a day job, where you’re paid from month 1 or day 1.

But then, I am not de-motivating all of you aspiring bloggers. I just want to spill the beans. There are so called mistakes or myths as with starting any business.

You try, fail and then try something else, fail and then figure out something else, try it and succeed. Well the chain could be longer or shorter depending upon how fast you learn and adopt.

I present to you a list of 53 mistakes that is committed by most of the newbie bloggers who are starting out with super motivation. I am sure that identifying and correcting these mistakes at the earliest stages of blogging could really make a huge difference rather than realizing them years later.

I am just starting out this list and I want you to add more to this list, so that everyone can learn from one another’s mistakes. Shall we?

  1. Not starting a blog with a goal
  2. Not blogging with a plan
  3. Throw in a couple of Adsense units and expect a 5 figure pay check next month
  4. Think blogging is fun
  5. Not willing to invest any money into blogging
  6. Not outsourcing anything
  7. Outsourcing everything
  8. Believe blogging is one of “get rich quick” schemes
  9. Not willing to learn the basics
  10. Not starting with list building
  11. Not willing to learn past the basics
  12. Not leveraging the power of social media
  13. Caring only about content and nothing else
  14. Paying too much attention to details
  15. Don’t bother to pay attention to details
  16. Not adapting to latest techniques
  17. Not committed to blogging (but expect blogging success, weird)
  18. Not respecting readers/commenters/subscribers
  19. Not doing regular blog backups
  20. Following a blog posting schedule that doesn’t fit
  21. Don’t follow a blog posting schedule
  22. Work without deadlines
  23. Not developing a portfolio
  24. Not branding the blog
  25. Not reading other blogs
  26. Consider commenting on other blogs is a waste of time
  27. Not developing blogger relationships
  28. Not paying attention to stats
  29. Paying too much attention to stats
  30. Rely too much on plugins
  31. Always agree with popular bloggers
  32. Always disagree with popular bloggers to get noticed
  33. Not learning SEO (and hence relying too much on SEO services)
  34. Become a victim of shiny object syndrome, quite often
  35. Being ignorant about link building
  36. Getting de-motivated often
  37. Get sidetracked quite often
  38. Compare with A-Listers
  39. Not learning about the competition
  40. Not doing keyword research
  41. Avoid researching on the topic while writing blog posts
  42. Not caring about blog’s design (think content is everything)
  43. Not keeping up with technology
  44. Not improving on writing
  45. Not improving on English (especially if blogging in English and if the blogger is not a native English speaker!)
  46. Not writing an e-book (either a free or a premium one)
  47. Trying to please everyone
  48. Allow everything to get into their head
  49. Being impatient with blogging success
  50. Adopting black hat SEO techniques for quick blogging success
  51. Believe banner advertising is the only form of advertising
  52. Failing to offer any other services through their blogs
  53. Writing only for people
  54. Writing only for bots
  55. Not participating in blogging networks like Bizsugar, Blokube, Blog Interact, WP Junkies etc.

Please feel free to add to the list. Let’s explore what makes stops bloggers from achieving blogging success.

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George M.

My name is George and I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the past 10 years and help you create and develop your own blog.

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