Storytelling and emotional connections in blog posts

Storytelling makes sales letters and blog posts so much more entertaining to read. If done well it gives you huge boosts in credibility and will in general significantly increase your sales. So what are the elements of a great story? How can you use it in your blog posts to increase your credibility? And howRead More

10 Simple Content Ideas for When You’ve Lost Your Blogging Mojo

As a serious blogger you’ve no doubt spent a lot of time researching who your ideal audience is. You’ve been inside their heads, you know what makes these people tick and you know where they hang out online. The question remains, how do you reach them? Today we’re going to be looking at some contentRead More

The Scientific Guide to Creating Sticky Headlines

You’re in a fight. You know that, right? No, you won’t be throwing punches and trying to knock someone out.   But you are in a fight to capture the hearts and minds of readers. Every day, thousands of new posts are published to the blogosphere all competing for the attention of their readers. Being theRead More