If you’re about starting blogging or create a business site , you will need enough brainstorming ,research and hard work until you publish your website online.

In your online procedure ,you will also need to make many more options about the: form, structure and functionality of your page  that if they don’t satisfy you in the future , you will always have the possibility to correct and modify them.

It is very important (from the beginning) to choose carefully the domain name, because this is going to represent your brand and help your recognition.

 Alongside, if it connects with your content and you want to change it later, you have to follow a very careful procedure for this transition to affect as little as is possible your website’s SEO.

What is a domain name?

Every website or blog on the internet requires a domainname, it acts as youraddress, so people can find your blog by typing your domain name into their internet browser. To put it simply, It’s what you want your blog to be called. 

The unbreakable truth is, when it comes to selecting a domain name, you need to be extra careful in order to pick the right name for your website. A bad domain name can not only tarnish your reputation but it can also adversely affect your business.

A domain is the name of your online territory. Yes, that’s one redundant. It may have annoyed you but I felt it’s necessary so newbies have a clear understanding of what domain names are.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at some of the key points that you need to bear in mind when selecting a domain name. Furthermore, we will also discuss useful tools to help you pick the right domain name for your website, and lastly, we will discuss some of the major domain name registrars and TLDs (Top Level Domains).

Domain name structure

  • Prefix – an internet application protocol of your domain (http: – standard, https: – secured).
  • Subdomain – the third level domain of your website name (some sites use “www” some not).
  • Name – the second level domain of the website, picked by the person registering the domain.
  • Extension – the top level domain can be picked for the variety of available choices.

 So, let’s see some practices to choose the right domain name to start as best as you can your online presence!

Step 1: Keep it Short and Simple

 Take care to be small, and correctically clear, so the user can remember it and even not, he/she can find it easily in search engines results.

 It would be preferable to create a domain name that contains 8-9 characters without abbreviations (not “u” but “you” ) The top 10 Alexa’s sites have average 6.2 characters.

Step 2: Choose the right Domain Extension

 Domain Names extensionHere, it needs enough thought and programming before taking your decision too. Which extension should you opt for? .com? .net? .org? or a country-specific TLD (Top Level Domain)?

Generally speaking, .com is the most popular domain name extension, and is thus, the most widely recognized one. You really cannot go wrong with .com — and even if you decide to go for a separate TLD, make sure you register the .com for your domain name too (if it is available), just to ensure that your competitors do not end up claiming your name.

Country-level TLDs are quite popular too, though their usage generally warrants a good reason. Some of the major reasons why you might be interested in a country-level domain name extension are as follows:

  1. You are running a local business, say a coffee shop in Germany, and want your website to have a regional touch to it. In this case, having the country-level domain name extension for Germany (that is, .de) is an excellent idea because it lets your customers and visitors know that yours is a business based in Germany. If, for example, your blog or website is in Greek language, the main visitors will be Greeks. So you should choose a .GR domain extension. Something like that will orientate most directly the user, (about the language) when he/she view your site and also will help your SEO for better ranking in search engine’s results in your area.
  2. For individuals, .me is quite popular, even though it is a country-level extension. Similarly, many individuals also employ a country-level domain name extension if it suits their name. For example, if your name is Wyatt, you can opt for wya.tt as a domain name, with .tt being a country-level extension.
  3. Oftentimes, a country-level domain name extension can be used as a URL shortener. For instance, WordPress.com uses WP.me as a URL shortener for its blogs. Even Twitter uses t.co

 At the same time, you can choose a more specific conclusion, if your business is covered by a new gTLD, like .CLUB, .PARTS etc.

 So it will be even clearer for the visitor the theme of your site, just from the domain name!

 There is, of course, the possibility of multiple endings purchase, which can be redirected to a single site.

 But do not exaggerate, in your choices: make sure you select those you really think it is worth to buy, so you reduce the possibility of creating duplicate content using 301 redirects to the main conclusion.

 This will avoid the possibility of your site being considered is spam, while does not adversely affecting the ranking in search engines.

Step 3: Use keywords in your domain name

 domain-name-keywordsIf you provide a sophisticated and valid content for the site or your blog, the existence of a keyword in the domain name will help a lot in SEO.

 Conversely, with low quality content, the same domain keyword might bring the opposite results.

 The criteria in search it is too stringent and based on quality! The choice of words that will constitute your domain name should be careful and your content with the greatest possible value.

Step 4: Connect your domain name with your brand

 brandable domainIf you maintain a business and want to create the online presence, think that the domain name you choose is another advertising tool. It would be advisable correspond to your brand.

 The brand is that to, which users will be able to identify, remember and associate your business online.

 The importance of this connection is so great that it should have its root even in the choice of your brand name.

 You may want to decide your brand and your domain name almost simultaneously.

 If, however, the exact domain name you wish is not available, you can add a little clarification about your subject.

 For example, if it relates to an application, you can add at the end the word ‘app’, while, if it is about bookstore, word ‘books’.

 Using your brand in the domain name, facilitate your customer to remember your email address, and, in case she/he does not it’s very likely to assume that it consists of the name of your business.

Step 5: Response to Word of Mouth

word_of_mouth It would be better if the domain name you will ultimately choose, do not include numbers or hyphens (-).

 The specific characters usually confuse users:

 The numbers may not be clear if encountered as digits or words, while in the case of hyphens is likely to be placed in the wrong places or not at all, when the user types the domain to open your site.

 Before endings in the final name domain, think that a large percentage of users will reach you listening to the name of the website from a friend, and not seeing somewhere printed or posted.

 There is the importance of by-mouth-to-mouth promotion of your blog or site: does not follow the traditional promotion paths and may provide a sufficiently large number of visitors.

 So, wish the user can immediately see the form of your domain name, to visit you directly, without having to look if it’s written with the symbol 5 or the word five or wondering where to introduce the hyphen.

 If, however, these characters are part of your brand and you cannot avoid them, it would be domain registrations and some alternatives for redirection (eg. Example5.com and examplefive.com or example-site.com and examplesite.com).

Step 6: Use a domain name generator tool

 domainrIf you can’t easily end up in choosing a domain name, I suggest you to consult a generator for domains.

Take a look at some of the best free online tools that can help you in your search for the perfect domain name for your website. While there are plenty of  similar tools out there, we will be taking a look at the ones that we find to be useful.

Domai.Nr is a search engine for domain names. As is obvious, you can use to search for the perfect domain names of your choice, be it a country-level TLD or a business domain. If you are looking for specific domains with certain special keywords, Domai.nr should be your first starting point. It also features mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and an extension for Chrome web browser.

Domize is another search engine for domain names, though it is powered by AJAX and is thus able to return search results in a quick manner, thereby saving your time if you are looking for several domains. Domize can also show you which domain names are expiring soon or have expired recently. There is a separate search mechanism for premium domains.

Domains Bot acts as your own personal search assistant when it comes to domain names. You can seek suggestions, find new domain names, perform searches on existing domain names and even conduct a WhoIs lookup for already registered domains. All in all, Domains Bot makes it quite easy to search for and finalize the ideal domain names for your website. It also has its own API and an iPhone app.

Dot-O-Mator lets you specify the keywords of your choice, and then presents you with domain name suggestions on the basis of the keywords specified by you. You can specify separate sections of words and then combine the output to arrive at suggestive domain names. Dot-o-Mator features an in-built name generator, and also has its own iPhone app.

Lean Domain Search is a combination of domain name search engine and domain name generator. It lets you specify a set of keywords that you want your domain to have or include, and then suggests available domain names as well as related or relevant domain names to you.

 Good examples are the Wordoid and Domain Puzzler, in which you can enter the words that interest you and take the appropriate suggestions for domain names.

 Alternatively, you can use and the Domain Typer, which informs you if your domain name is available, while it’s offering you some “domain hacks” to form what you want (eg. Yiann.is instead yiannis.gr).

Step 7: Avoid Copyright Issues

copyright-trademark-logo This is a mistake that is not often, but can damage a very good domain and a dynamically great company when it happens.

 Make sure you does not violate any copyrights with the name of your site. Visit the copyright.gov and do a search before buying the domain.

Step 8: Talk to your friends and make the phone test

phone test After endings in a list of possible names domain, share with friends and co-workers your thoughts and ideas.

 Testing your ideas in unaffected individuals, it is possible to give you a very useful feedback and findings of the impact your choices have.

 See if people can understand what they represent, and whether they can remember.

 Finally, do the “phone test”: transmit the information over the phone and see how clear and understandable sounds your domain name!

Step 9: Check social networks

 social-media-marketingFinally, make sure to keep the same name that you have chosen domain name and in the social media pages you will choose to do business.

 Moreover, the process is free, so is better to collateral accounts on social media even before the registrations of your domain name.

 I will advise you to do at the same time all procedures relating to the name of your brand, ensuring a uniformity that would easily imprinted on the user’s memory or your client’s.

 The domain name choice is very important process and the above tips can help you to choose easily and quickly!

Register domain via auction.

premium domains The buying and selling domain names is not new and it is said sometimes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

 In other words, many webmasters have purchased domain names, which are either no longer needed or decided not to exploit. For this reason they put at auction. So if you’re lucky and find something that interests you, you can buy the domain at a very good price.

 Obviously there are benefits to buy a domain in this way. The most important is the age of the name, since in order the google results matter how old a domain is.

 Also, if there is an established site with the name that interests you, you may have already on it a few backlinks, which will help your site to appear higher in search results.

 You can search for domain to:

 Search in expireddomains.net

 There are times that several of us buy a domain in order to utilize or to sell later at a higher price through an auction.

 Sometimes these thoughts are abandoned and simply,let the domain to expire.

 Even worse, after we have created one site, because it does not perform as expected it given up on the fate and quite logically the domain expires sometime.

 All of these sites, we can find them grouped together with some more interesting information in expireddomains.net. Apart from the domains that have expired, we can see and those that are at auction.

 To find a name of interest, type the keyword in the search box

expired domains search Putting the word ‘food’ we have back about 90 000 results, along with several interesting elements like PageRank (PR), total backlinks (BL), total number of domains that have a link to the site (DP), creation date (ABY), Alexa Ranking, set exact match searches worldwide (SG), state (eg expired, at auction, etc.) and the price.

 Beyond that, depending on the status that each of is located, whether you go to the market through auction or classically,through registrant, if the domain is in expired status.

 Therefore, we see the food.cc to be auctioned by GoDaddy at a price of 15,000 USD!

 It is advisable to arrange the names based on the DP heading and check the link profile, in order to get a domain that already has some backlinks on it.

 Second factor in my opinion and on the basis of the options offered by the expired domains, is age.

 Searching for a name in naminum.com

 The naminum.com is a relatively new site, which can help in finding a prototype name for our new site,then leading us to selected registrants in order to consolidate.

 Essentially, he put the keyword of interest in the search field,the naminum adds letters to the end of the word to give us original ideas.

 The process is very simple:

  1.  Put the word of interest in the search box/
  2.  Displaying many results obtained. We can choose whether we want the word of interest to follow 1-2 letters or three letters.
  3.  After selecting what we prefer, we press the arrow and see if it’s available and to what conclusion.

 It goes without saying that if we find the com available, the closing is directly!

 Following the above tips, you will be able to find a proper name for your site, but also to check some of the available ways to register.

So, now that you have registered your shiny new domain name, what’s next? The next step, obviously, is to purchase hosting, and decide on the software that you will use to create your website (or, even better, decide the type of website that you intend to create, just in case you have not yet done that). Don’t be worried, we got your back!

 If you follow another tactic or you have to propose something extra, we will be happy to join in the comments!

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