Embrace These 9 Solid Tips to Become a Successful Blogger


It is frustrating, isn’t. Every blogger around you – even the one who started after you – is picking up at a fast pace.

They are publishing income reports. They are doing product launches. They post screenshots of affiliate commissions or sales reports in social media.

And here you are, working very hard, and yet to see that moment – which is not visible even in the horizon any time soon.

Why is that? Don’t you deserve to succeed with blogging? Don’t you work hard? You do. And you do.

But why?

You are missing out on these 9 solid tips – very crucial tips.

You should embrace these tips while you are actively blogging. Blogging is not just about writing and publishing a few blog posts and hoping for the best to occur automatically.

Read on to find out what you have been missing!

Be consistent

With blogging, consistency is the key. Without being consistent you cannot scale your efforts.

Especially, when it comes to publishing content, consistency is so very important.

Publishing a post occasionally here and there won’t give you scalable results. You can get spikes of traffic, but the traffic (or your website’s growth) won’t be taking off.

Publishing consistently gives you great results – the results won’t be literally visible to you immediately. But in a short period of time (and for the times to come) you can reap its benefits.

Now, consistent publishing doesn’t mean you should push yourself out of your limits. Regular publishing is enough.

“Regular” can be once a week for some, twice a month for some or three times a week for some. It all depends on your capacity to create content, the time you can put in business, the money you can afford to hire content writers and so on.

Just stick to a regular schedule.

And, being consistent not just applies to publishing content. It applies to everything you do with blogging.

Learning, networking, helping out, keeping up and so on.

Don’t hold back

Many bloggers think that giving away knowledge is stupid. They think that they should only share precious stuff in a premium product.

This is so wrong. Giving away build strong relationships between you and your readers – and this, my friend, is a very important aspect of becoming a successful blogger.

Having a premium product is all about packaging it right. People love the comfort and coherent presentation of things in a premium product (an e-book or a course).

It doesn’t matter if that information is freely available somewhere on your site.

When you present it in a convenient form, along with the right supplementary materials, it will make a great premium product.

So you don’t have to hold back. May be keep one or two of your best secrets and share the rest ?

The more you share, the more useful and practical your content will be.

Don’t fake it (be authentic)

Alright – this is one of the most common “tricks” adopted by bloggers hoping that this would help their business grow quickly. But here’s the thing – no matter how smart you are with faking, your readers are smarter than you in finding that out.

Faking it might work for a short while. But for the long term, it is never a smart strategy.

Not only it won’t work, but it will also spoil your image, thus stopping you from becoming a successful blogger.

What do I mean by being fake?

Faking income reports, faking successes, coming up with fake stories to keep readers engaged, coming up with fake screenshots for various sorts of things – I can go on, but you get the idea!

Authenticity will help you build a strong base, ground up, so you can succeed with a strong foundation.

Network and reach out

Your blogging success highly depends on how actively (and genuinely) you network with the others. This is so important and you cannot skip this step.

No matter how awesome the content you publish is, or how awesome your product is, you need people to help you do the heavy lifting.

You need peers and fellow bloggers to help spread the word so your target audience will know about your business.

You need peers to give you feedback. You need them to provide you with any help you might want.

Also, you need to be as helpful as you can to your audience. If they reach out to you for a help, and if you can, by all means help them.

Having said all these, I have to insist one thing here – never ever build relationships for the sake of getting social shares, or testimonials. Relationships is not about being selfish.

You have to genuinely connect with the others.

Investing is a prime quality of a successful blogger

I cannot insist this enough, but you cannot build a successful business without investing in it!

Many bloggers look that as “spending” while I tell them it is not spending but “investing”.

A business cannot become successful unless you come forward to invest in it.

While you invest in your business, you put money into your business so you can make money out of it! Meanwhile, until you make money out of it, you have the greatest asset with you – your business.

So no more free or cheap hosting, no free or amateur themes, no doing everything by yourself.

Set aside some money to invest in your business. Or get financial help. And when you start making money, make sure you invest back to grow your business.

Keep up with the technical aspects

Blogging is not just about creating content and publishing it. Even if you hate it, you have to be aware of and be knowledgeable about certain technical stuff.

Two things – first, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technical aspects. If not, you will be left out.

Second, even if you decide to outsource such tasks, you won’t know if the person you hired is doing his job pretty well if you are ignorant about the topic in the first place.

One example is SEO. I know SEO is scary for many bloggers, but you have to have some idea about what it is – the do’s and don’ts for sure, so you don’t get your site penalized.

Similarly, you have to have some basic knowledge about WordPress if you are running your website on it.

I highly recommend you keep up with our Best Hosting And Design blog to help you with issues and tutorials about WordPress and hosting related stuff.

Keep up with happenings in your niche

Just as you need to keep up with the technical aspects involved in blogging, you should also keep up with happenings in your industry.

Is there a new Google update? You got to know about it.

Is there a new tool that’s making bloggers crazy, you need to know about it!

You have to have this kind of knowledge, either to let your readers know about it – say you write a tutorial on how to get started with that tool.

Or you might need that knowledge for yourself so you can put your hands on it and start using it ahead of the others.

In addition, you should also know about what other bloggers in your niche are talking about. This helps you to devise better content that fills the gap (not to mention the loads of blog post ideas that you get).

Be persistent

When I talked about being consistent, I said by being consistent you can reap scalable benefits. And this doesn’t happen overnight.

Which is why you need to be consistent. And that’s why you need persistence.

Before your blog takes off the ground, and before people start to notice you, you need to do a lot of hard work.

You have to invest. You might have a tight pocket. You might have to sacrifice some sleep. And some hanging out.

And it will seem as if all your efforts and hard work doesn’t pay.

You have to be persistent. Just remember, when you are about to quit, success is just around the corner.

Be yourself (that will automatically make unique)

So you might have already heard this piece of advice. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd.

And you keep wondering how.

It is very simple. You just have to be yourself.

Because there is only one YOU in the universe. You cannot find a person just like you even if you search in the whole of universe. I mean Just. Like. You. No way!

So stop imitating others and start being yourself. Do everything your away.

Of course I am not telling that you should not observe and learn from the pros. You should.

But apply the knowledge your way in your business. After all it is your business.

Become a successful blogger now

These 9 tips are highly crucial. Don’t ignore them. Rather embrace them. Find out how you can implement these in every aspect of blogging.

And I am sure, you will succeed with blogging.

Of course you should do the regular blogging stuff! But keep these key things in mind and proceed accordingly.

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George M.

My name is George and I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the past 10 years and help you create and develop your own blog.

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