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We define the theme.
Everybody gets obsessed about a domain. He has knowledge and experience in a field and would like to share with the world. In brief, what intrigues you? The fashion, travel, food, motherhood, design, current events? Something from all that, can become the core of your blog.

We find the name. With two or three words should be given the stigma of the blog and with fine-sounding words, catchy, capable to be nailed in mind. This is pure challenge! To choose a slogan that can occupied by everyone or a riddle that hides a fascinating history? Please use your name or a clever nickname. To choose something simple or something sophisticated and complex. In any case, at this point should be devoted enough time, because the beginning is the half battle.

We build identity. Before you even write the first word, we must decide the style and aesthetics of our blog. In fact, before you reach the final identity, it is good to visit many blogs of interest in order to get ideas, see what we like more, to draw data from different sources. Then our blog should not betray itself and its readers constantly. We have to face it as a brand.

We make a difference. Why to choose one of our own blog among so many out there. We must find the answer to this question! Namely we have to find our specific difference from others, a different perspective through which we will present our issues. Thus, we create a truly unique blog.

We set up our page. The blog hosting platforms are extremely convenient: literally within minutes we can create our own page and be prepared for the first publication. But what platform would we use? There are dozens, but the most popular is handy Blogger preferred by beginners, the WordPress that is offered for texts and Tumblr with the graphics, which appeals to those who mainly publish images. On the other hand, if we seek the convenience and immediacy, the Posterous platform can even post them by your mobile phone, just with an e-mail.

Add the widgets. We want a page that looks rich and interactive. Luckily there are many simple applications you can use. Thanks to insightful developers can now integrate our blog a mini description of ourselves and our purpose, contact information, links to popular websites, links to recent and relevant posts, preference lists, slideshow images, videos and almost everything else is desired.

Select the language. Greek or English? This dilemma concerns all the bloggers and remains in their minds even after the language is being selected. With our native language we attract much easier, at least in authority Greek followers. But if we write in English, our audience can be … the whole world!

The Decalogue of success

We have just created a blog. If we want to see its success, never forget the following

  1.  We display our ego.

In this area the selfishness is considered as a qualification and the marked confidence is likable. First of all we need to believe in ourselves and the others would follow us.

  2.  Express terms.

The blog had been created for this and that will determine its success. The more powerful is our point of view, the clearer will be the blog’s identity.

  3.  Appear to be direct and approachable.

We do not act to our readers impersonal and with the omniscient strict style, but we write like we are starting an interesting chat. Successful blogs have the style that resembles the chating way of communication.

  4.  We place something from ourselves.

Without exaggeration, let elements from our personal life to pass to our blog – pictures, references joys and frustrations, details that contribute to a human and not in a supposedly perfect image, things that bring readers closer to us and tie with us. Under such reasons blogs differs from conventional websites.

  5.  We focus on content.

A blog must be fresh, lively, direct, synchronized to the present. Furthermore , it is advisable to be characterized by quality and not quantity of data. That’s why we write when we have to say something important and don’t be intimidated by alleged unwritten rules that want the blogger to post daily or at least three times a week. On the other hand, try to seem consistent with those who are watching us and take us very seriously. Finally, we base the posts more on photographs and avoid the long texts that nobody manages to read.

  6.  We respond.

Communication with our readers is the guiding principle of our success. We reply to all comments with enthusiasm and kindness. We seek the interaction by making them questions. Face diplomatically any attacks. Delete only the abusive comments. Under no circumstances turn off comments because they express opinions opposing to ours – a blog without comments is dead and does not concern anyone.

  7.  We make friendships.

The bloggers have close relations with each other and they are frequently organized into groups such as Bloglovin’ , Fashion Bloggers , Beauty Bloggers etc. Through such groups we can show our work. On the other hand, in such groups, we identify bloggers with interesting style, then we are commenting and do ‘likes’ in their publications, we share our posts. Therefore, we create traffic to our page and we can build awareness of our blog and our relationships with other bloggers.

  8.  We are networked.

Social media exert strong influence nowadays. Therefore, there can be no successful blog without presence on facebook, on twitter and pinterest, and without reference to these widgets. Nowadays a blogger has to exploit the potential of these instruments to shift traffic to the page.

  9.  We have patience and persistence.

Probably it will take us many months to get our blog at some desired level. But we must not get disappointed. We must set achievable goals, to fight to achieve them, to spend time and how our readers that we are dedicated to build slowly and steadily.

  10.  Have fun.

Never forget that a blog is a personal diary, a tool of personal expression and joy. So we have to face it as something like that, if we want to have any chance to be loved by others.

About the author

George M.

My name is George and I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the past 10 years and help you create and develop your own blog.

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