7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately


Do you ever wish you could get more traffic to your blog?

Hold on. Before you answer, just note that this is not another one of those type of posts. You know the type I’m talking about.

The type that says that they’re going to provide you with tips on how to get traffic but when you actually look at the post, you’re left thinking … that’s it? Sure you get the tips but it’s usually a two sentence reason/explanation that leaves you completely unsatisfied.

Has that ever happened to you?

Probably. That’s why, in this post, I’m going to provide you with very thorough information with each one of the strategies that I mention.

Not because I have to, but because that’s how I am. I want you to learn something from each and every blog post I put out there. Anything short of you learning something is a failure in my book.

Now, I’ll ask this question again.  Do you ever wish you could get more traffic to your blog?

Sure you do.

But what you may not know is that not all traffic is good for your blog. Sure it looks nice and can get you pumped up when you see you received 1,500 unique visitors today(and increasing each day) but from all that traffic, how much of that is quality traffic?

You heard of quality traffic, right? Traffic from people who have a genuine interest in your blog topics? Traffic from people who engage with you (share your content and leave comments)? Traffic from people who could potentially be a subscriber to your site?

If you’re not getting quality traffic to your blog, you have a problem.

That’s why you should start trying to control the traffic that you get. Once you do that, you’ll be able to engage with them on a more personal level and ultimately get them to love and trust you.

Now, before I share these seven traffic strategies with you, there are a few key things that you need to know:

  • You need to pick one of these and start implementing it immediately – Procrastination is a major problem with bloggers, even myself at times, and it can lead to a lot of excuses down the road. Rather than face that fate, just pick one of these strategies mentioned and start using it for a month. You may be surprised.
  • These are not the only strategies out there – I understand that there are various strategies out there but I chose to focus on these seven types. Just because you think of something that happens to not be on the list, doesn’t mean it’s not an effective strategy. You should still use it if it’s working well for you in getting quality traffic.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – The most successful bloggers and entrepreneurs out there were always willing to try new things. If you haven’t thought about trying one of these strategies, then let today be the day you make the decision to change that.

So, let’s get started …

Traffic type #1: Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is quickly becoming one of the most proven and greatest ways to get traffic to your blog. The main reason for this is because not only do you have an opportunity to build your brand through leaving high-quality comments, but you’re doing something that you may not even realize you’re doing.

Something that so many successful bloggers would say is the main reason they’re successful.

You’re building relationships.

More than any other strategy on this list, this one is probably the most effective one that you could do to start seeing results almost immediately. But the most important thing about blog commenting, as Adrienne Smith pointed out, is to make sure you’re not sabotaging your blog commenting efforts.

And Donna Merrill wrote a very interesting post recently about commenting and engaging with bloggers outside your niche that’s worth checking out, but if you want targeted traffic, this strategy works best when you’re leaving comments on other blogs in your particular niche.

How To Do It

Writing great blog comments requires you to read through the entire blog post thoroughly and be prepared to share your thoughts and opinions.

If you want to have your comments stand out, then be genuine, engaging and thought-provoking with your comments.

Lastly, DO NOT write generic types of comments that offer nothing to the conversation. Many bloggers, including myself, would rather have solid comments that are valuable rather than just build up their comment numbers to justify social proof. They, along with myself, won’t hesitate to delete a generic comment.

When To Use It

Anytime you visit a blog post that you thoroughly enjoy, you should be leaving a comment. And while you may be thinking that you can easily get backlinks from it, especially if they’re using something like CommentLuv, don’t let that be your primary focus. Focus on writing a well thought out comment that will add value to the conversation.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Only comment on topics that you feel as though you can contribute something to the conversation. If you don’t feel that you can contribute anything, DON’T LEAVE A COMMENT!
  • Leaving a great, thought-out comment on a blog post can not only get the attention of the blog owner but the attention of other commenters as well. The chances to capture attention increase tremendously when you’re the first or one of the first people to leave a comment. But even if you’re not one of the first few, as long as your comment is valuable, you’ll stand out either way.

Bonus Tips

  1. One thing that I love to do, and I found several other bloggers that like to do this as well, include parts of the actual post in your comment. Something I like to do is say “{Insert name}, I completely agree with you when you said this:” and then single out a sentence of two that they mentioned – then explain why I agreed with it. Everybody has their own blog commenting strategy and this just happens to be one of mine.
  2. Ask questions in you comments to the blog owner from time to time. Not only does it help to create even more engagement, but it shows that you’re interested in getting more of their opinion on something particular they mentioned.

Additional Reading On Blog Commenting

Traffic type #2: Guest Posting

A few months ago, Matt Cutts wrote a post titled, “The Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO” that caused people to start panicking. People in various Internet circles were running around yelling “Guest Posting Is Dead … Guest Posting Is Dead!!!”

I’m sure you know a couple of people who reacted that way. Who knows, maybe you were one of them.

But that wasn’t what the post was saying at all. It was saying just to steer away from low-quality SEO, spammy guest posts on your blog.

That’s it.

Now that the panic is over, people are right back on the guest posting bandwagon … and rightfully so. It’s one of the most effective strategies you could use to get quality traffic to your blog.

With that being said, let me ask you a question. What’s your goal?

To build a brand for yourself? To be well known? To get traffic and subscribers?

Guest posting can help you achieve all that and more. If you’re curious to know more about it, I found a post by a great writer, Jeff Goins, who shares some very interesting points on how guest posting can really help your blog grow.

How To Do It

To be really effective at guest posting, you first have to make a list of bloggers who blogs you follow and spend some time engaging with them (no less than 2 months).

When you’re ready to contact them about guest posting, draft an email to the blog owner stating what your topic idea is, why would it be beneficial to their audience and an outline of the blog topic.

7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately - image guest-posting-email on https://trunk.ly

Start creating the draft when they accept and tell you the deadline to submit the post – then edit it thoroughly BEFORE submitting it in the format they specify.

When the post finally goes live, promote … promote … promote.

When To Use It

Probably the biggest thing that people struggle with is deciding whether to post a great topic on their own blog, or as a guest post on someone else’s blog who has a larger audience.

Does this even need a second thought?

The most logical thing to do is to release it as a guest post on someone else’s blog with a larger audience. And because they have a larger audience, that post has a much greater chance of getting more exposure than it would have just sitting on your blog. Although producing content on your own blog is important, you should try to guest post as much as you can to maximize your traffic and get more exposure.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Do your best to write guest posts for blogs that are related to your niche. By choosing to write for any and every blog, you could get penalized by big brother Google and lose some credibility based on those choices.
  • You need to write content that will appeal to the audience of the blogger you’re guest posting for. That means research that person’s content and see what’s been their 5 most popular blog posts and most commented on blog posts. Then read those posts thoroughly. That’ll give you a better idea of what type of content to come out with.
  • If possible, try to write for blogs that are at the same level or have more influence than you. If your goal is to increase your authority, get more traffic and ultimately more subscribers, you need to really pay attention to this point.
  • Guest posting is very important and I can’t stress the importance of making sure there are no mistakes. If need be, hire a proofreader to read over the post to make sure they’re error free.

Bonus Tips

  1. It’s imperative that you make your guest post the “best post you’ve EVER written.” That means that you have to spend more time writing it and even more time editing it. A reason for this is because you want to make the absolute best impression that you could with the content that you write. The better it is, the higher the chances that people on that blog will click over to check out your blog.
  2. Respond to ALL comments that you receive on the guest post that you wrote. Don’t just do a quick response either. Take time to respond because those that commented took time to leave a comment in the first place. It shows both the readers and the blog owner that you’re all about engagement.

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Traffic type #3: Linking To Other Bloggers

This is a very interesting strategy that you could use to get traffic to your blog. Although this may not ALWAYS work, it still is effective – especially when the bloggers you link choose to actually share your content.

The whole premise behind this strategy is to link to blog posts of other bloggers who in turn will share your content. If you do this correctly, you’ll start to gain recognition and ultimately traffic (due to the increased shares of your content). All this because you decided to not be selfish and link to other blogs in your post.

How To Do It

The first thing you should do is just write your content, beginning to end, as you normally would.

When you’re in the editing stage, look for specific parts in your post that you could link their post too. This could be a sentence, part of a sentence or just a reference to a blog post that they wrote.

Whatever it is, make sure that it has some significance to the part that you’re linking to. Take this post you’re reading, for instance, every blog post that I’m linking to has a meaning and is significant to each traffic type I’m talking about.

When To Use It

If you really want to get some traffic and extra exposure to your blog, you should:

  1. Increase your blogger outreach every chance you can get, which is something my friend, Ryan Biddulph strongly suggests and consistently practices.
  2. Apply this traffic strategy in EVERY single blog post that you write.

And yes, while linking to other blog posts on your own blog is important, it’s more important to link to other bloggers posts. You don’t have to go overboard and link to 100 different blog posts, but link accordingly.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • DO NOT write a blog post and link to every blogger you could possibly think of in that post if it’s not relative.
  • DO NOT just link to their post … mention the blogger’s name as well.

Bonus Tips

  1. When you’re in the process of promoting your content, send a personal email, tweet, Google+ message to every person that you linked to in the post. Here’s an example:7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately - image google-message on https://trunk.ly
  2. When you’re linking to other bloggers, it helps if you have read the actual blog post that you’re linking to. This is because you’ll be able to link it correctly and have it relate to the section that you’re linking to. A perfect example of linking correctly is shown in this recent post by Kevin Duncan. Despite the length of the post, he does a great job linking to relevant content that emphasizes the points he was making.

Additional Reading On Linking To Other Bloggers

Traffic type #4: Emailing Your List

With all the work that some bloggers do to build up their email list, it’s absolutely shocking to me when some of them don’t even bother to email their own list to boost their traffic.

We all know the importance of building a list, but what good is it if you choose to not to do anything with the list afterward?

That’s why one of the most important strategies that you should use to get traffic to your blog is to always email those that already subscribed.

How To Do It

When you finish creating your next post, your first step after that should be to craft an email to send to your subscribers that you’ve released a new post. This doesn’t have to be a very long email, just as long as you mention and link to the post that you’re letting them know about.

To illustrate my point, I’ll show you three different, but effective examples. First, here’s how my friend, Adam Connell, did it with his most recent post:

7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately - image blogging-wizard on https://trunk.ly

Next, let’s take a look at how Nathalie Lussier wrote a recent email to make her readers aware of this recent post:

7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately - image Natha1-1 on https://trunk.ly

Lastly, let’s look at how Adrienne Smith wrote her email.

7 Effective Strategies You Could Use To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog Immediately - image Adri-1 on https://trunk.ly

Three different styles but all are effective.

When To Use It

This method should be used EVERY time you come out with a new blog post. Just because they signed up to your list doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll check out your blog on a regular basis. In a sense, they may have even forgotten that they signed up to your mailing list or even that you have a blog. Take advantage of the list that you work so hard to build and start getting traffic from them.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Despite my views on the topic, many people still seem to think that posting a blog post every day is the best way to build their traffic. They’re entitled to their opinion. However, instead of bombarding your subscribers with emails every day about new posts, you should send an email at the end of the week (or whenever) about all the posts that you wrote in the past 7 days.

Bonus Tip

Rather than just tell your readers you released a post, try to engage with them. Ask them how they’re doing. How their week has been. Tell them a little bit about what you’ve been up to in your persona life. They’ll be more likely to visit your blog if you have a conversation with them rather than just appear to be “promoting” you released a new post.

Traffic type #5: Ask A Well Established Blogger (In Your Niche) To Guest Post On Your Site

We all should know by now how important guest posting on other blogs is to creating new visitors and potential subscribers. But one thing that’s a sure-fire way to get traffic to blog is to feature guest posts on your site from other bloggers … especially well-established bloggers.

Not only will they promote it to their readers, who”ll go over to the site to check it out, but if you have above-average content on your site, you could potentially convert some of those readers into subscribers.

How To Do It

To get an established blogger to guest post on your site can seem like a challenge, but the best way to make it happen is to build relationships with them. Visit their site, leave thought-provoking comments on all their posts and share their content.

Gradually, over time, they’ll start to notice you and pay attention to you. When they do, write them an email asking them if you can possibly guest post on their site.

When you get accepted and your guest post is finally published, send them a personal email thanking them and ask them if they would consider writing a guest post on your site some time. Keep in mind that some will say no but don’t be discouraged because you may get a few yes’ here and there.

When To Use It

This method should be used very sparingly because your main goal is to not only build relationships with people but to also increase your social proof. If you don’t have a following or a name, the chances are very slim that you’ll get any established blogger to guest post on your site early on.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Just because the established blogger writes a post for your blog doesn’t mean that you don’t have to promote the post. Even though they may have a larger audience than you, you should still actively promote the post to get more eyes on your blog.
  • Focus on bloggers in your immediate niche and write about topics similar to yours. If they write about similar topics on their blog, then their audience would be interested in topics on your blog as well.

Bonus Tips

  1. You should have guest posting guidelines in place to make it appear that you don’t just take any and every blogger on your site. When you have a set of guidelines, it shows that you take your site and the level of content that’s posted on your site seriously – and established bloggers will accept and respect that.
  2. Contrary to the information given in this strategy, I would suggest that you focus on writing great posts for your site and writing excellent guest posts for other sites. As your authority grows, you’ll find that people will start approaching you and asking if they can write a post on your site.

Additional Reading On Getting Guest Posts For Your Site  

Traffic type #6: Participating In Forums

A lot of people don’t utilize this method because they figure that it’s a waste of time. Even though it may appear so, you really have to approach attempting to get traffic from a forum much differently than any other method.

The great thing about forums is that you have a chance to interact with link-minded individuals who have a lot of great opinions and knowledge to offer.

Typically, people go to forums because they want to get answers to their various questions that they have. And if you’re able to provide those answers to them, they’ll be truly grateful to you. But the flip side of that is that when others see that you’re an active participant and provide great advice and opinions, they’ll start paying attention to you more and visit your blog.

How To Do It

First things first, do a search in whatever search engine you prefer and do a search for {your keyword/forums}. Once you find a few forums you’re interested in and signed up, first thing you focus on is your signature. You don’t want to promote an offer or product, just a few sentences of a special offer that would get them to go back to your site.

Start exploring the different topics and categories and join in on the conversation. Your goal here is to answer questions and toss in your opinion as best as you can.

When you start doing that for a while, you can gradually start sharing some of your content on there (free report, eBook, etc.). By that time, you should have gained a reputation as someone who knows what they’re talking about and who offers great opinions.

When To Use It

You can use this strategy right away if you want to eventually be able to share your content on the forums, but if you want to get maximum exposure, wait until you’re a little more knowledgeable on the subjects that you’re writing about to fully participate in conversations.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • When you’re providing answers to other forum participant’s questions, make sure you provide a great answer or a solid opinion
  • Your main goal should be to interact with others. Start discussions and sparingly share your own content (eBooks, reports, etc.)

Bonus Tips

  • If you really want to get the most out of forums, offer to answer any and all questions on a topic that you have expertise in. Though this is time-consuming, you’ll be able to leverage yourself as an expert and probably get more than a few people over to your blog to sign up.
  • Just like in a blog post, headlines matter. So if you want to get maximum interaction with others, focus on writing attractive titles.

Additional Reading On Forums

Traffic type #7: Social Community Sites

This goes well beyond Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Whether you know about them or not, these sites are some of the best ways to get traffic to your blog. But not just any traffic … quality traffic.

That’s because the people that click on the posts to actually read it raised their hand and said, “I’m your target audience.” 

Now, if you’re confused about what I’m talking about when I say social community sites, let me list a few of them right here:

More bloggers are starting to use these sites more often because they know the wide variety of traffic they can get from it. This is one traffic method that should not be overlooked at all.

How To Do It

The best and only way to go is to find social sites like these, log in and start sharing your content in the relevant categories they have.

When To Use It

This method should be used EVERY time you come out with a new blog post … no questions asked.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You have to remember that this is a community site so it’ll have other people that are sharing content as well. You don’t want to just share your content and not share or leave comments on other bloggers posts. So remember to always engage.
  • When you write a comment on the post you found in the community you’re in, make sure to also write it on the blogger’s site – and vice versa.


Based on this list, there’s a lot of great options you have at your disposal to get quality traffic to your blog. The more combinations of these traffic types that you use, the better results you’ll get in your traffic numbers.

Traffic is important but what you have to keep in mind is that not every type of traffic is good. That’s why you have to turn your focus towards getting as much quality traffic as you can possibly get. At least, now, you have a guideline of how to do it.

So now it’s your turn.

In the comment section, I want you to tell me what strategy you’re going to start off with first and why. Then, I’d like you to share with all of us what other strategies you use to drive quality traffic to your site.

Lastly, I really would appreciate it if you would consider sharing this blog post with your audience if you thought it was helpful to you. If you do, you’re awesome and I really appreciate it. 

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