How Long Should be a Blog Post? A Complete Statistical Answer


One of the most commonly asked question by a newbie blogger.

How long should blog posts be?

How many words will be perfect to include in an article?

But unfortunately, there is no specific answer till today.

That’s why I did enough research and collect some of the most interesting statistics from many trusted sources to give you some options to choose a perfect blog post length for your blog.

Here in this post, I added some valuable stats from many different angels for you to understand the whole fact easily.

I am sure after reading this article you will find your answer.


Which is the best length for a blog post that readers love to read?

Is it long or they like shorter one?

There are lots of debates on this topic.

Some are said that people do not read complete blog posts on the internet. They read only a part of it  around 28% of the whole.

Now this should be a disaster for us. Because we are working hours on creating articles for our site to provide the information that people need. But if they don’t read them then why should we spent a lot of time on content creation.


But did you know why people leave your site?

Is it for too long?

I don’t think that length is the problem.

The main reason is the lack of quality. Yes, I always believe that quality is the king.

Why people will waste their valuable times when they find nothing interesting in your article.

That’s why you need to write quality articles.

If you can deliver quality materials to your readers then they will never leave your site. Believe me, people do love reading good things on the web.

According to a report, 73% of the internet users loves to read blogs.

But what about blog post length?

Bufferapp report says that an idle length of a blog post is 7 minutes long which is around 1600 words.

And this is true.

I also think that serious readers always loves to read long detailed articles. Because this types of blog posts not only give them more information but also deliver a complete solution.

Long detailed articles were more popular in blogging niche.

A recent example is Here you will find 3000, 4000, 5000 words long article. Every post at here gets hundreds of comments and social shares. In February 2015, this site has got 185,977 visitors and it happens in within 1.5 years.

This surely indicates that people love to read serious and lengthy articles, at least bloggers.


Search engine always gives priority to quality articles. Basically, it does not depend on blog post length.

When you are searching for any keyword in google I don’t think you will find something with 100 or 200 words on the first page. Specially when you are searching for any competitive keyword.

Google gives priority to those pages which had a complete definition of any particular topic.

That’s why I think longer will be better.

Because it is nearly impossible to describe any topics with a couple of hundred words.

Studies have also shown that Blog post length played a decent role in google`s ranking factor. According to SERPIQ an average number of words to come up with google`s top ten pages is 2100.

Why long posts rank well on Google?

There are many factors which help longer contents to rank higher on google.

First, of course backlinking. In a short article, you don’t have enough spaces to link out and interlinking which is a major backlinking strategy that you will miss out.

Another good reason is LSI keywords. When you are writing in a detailed manner there you have better options of using multiple LSI keywords. Which is a good SEO practice.


Social media sharing is the most important issue that every blogger need to take care. Because Social media is the best way to getting traffic to a new blog. More share means more traffic.

So does social sharing has any connection with blog post length?

Well, I personally don’t think so.

Because if your readers find it interesting or helpful then they will not count words before sharing.

But Huffingtonpost study says that longer articles perform better on social media sites.

How Long Should be a Blog Post? A Complete Statistical Answer - image Shares-by-Content-Length on

You can see in the image above that average blog post length that get most social shares were in between 3000-10000 words. And also had a huge difference with 0-1000 words articles.

Now why people share longer content more?

Because long articles had all the right description which helps readers to find their appropriate answers. That’s why I think longer contents gets more social shares.

But don’t rely on this stats only. If you are able to explain in short which readers wants then it will also get benefits.

I have a simple but effective idea.

As you know that facebook and twitter  are the two most popular social media sites where people share more articles.

Go to these sites and do a research by yourself according to your niche and find out the typical blog post length which receives more attention.


Every niche has a different range of blog post length.

It is quite impossible to maintain similar length in every industry.

For a tech blog frequency of blog posting is important not length.

A major example is where every article is not so lengthy but they are performing brilliantly for that site.

While in opposite if you have a suggestion based site where you write blogging tips and tricks then I think longer is better.

So it will be good to research on your niche and try to find out which types of articles do well.

This will help you to select your sweetest blog post length idea.


Now it`s time to know what bloggers think about blog post length.

If you take a look at recent times blogging in most of the industry you will find a large number of blog posts were in around of 1000 words.

In a recent Oorbitmedia survey also proved after doing a research with 1000 top bloggers that a perfect average length of a typical blog post is 900 words.

How Long Should be a Blog Post? A Complete Statistical Answer - image Q10-survey-2015-typical-post-length on

Most of the top level bloggers said that they maintain their blog post length within 500-1000 words.

A very small percentage of bloggers write 2000+ words blog posts on their site.

This report also means that long detailed article has less competition. If you can come up with well researched lengthy blog posts then chances are better to do well.


Here are the final results that coming after analyzing different studies.

  1. Readers engage with an article which is around of 1600 words.
  2. Average blog post length for ranking higher on google is 2100 words.
  3. 3000-10000 words blog posts were getting more social shares
  4. In recent time, a large number of bloggers write blog posts with 500-1000 words


Now it`s your turn to choose the perfect length for your blog post.

Statistics which I include above shows that long detailed articles were doing well on different platforms. But I don’t think you need to strict on these numbers only.

It doesn’t matter how long your article is if it unable to create any value to your readers.

Yes, all I can say that longer is the better but final decision is yours.

All the best.

Now I hope you found some option that how long should an article be.

Let me know which is the actual blog post length that you use for your site.

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