How Often Should You Blog? Keys to Finding the Right Blogging Frequency


I recently wrote a post on reasons why a blog is not updated regularly and why so many blogs are abandoned. The beauty of a blog is in its regular update.

That is, unlike a static website, a blog brings in new content regularly. That is why search engines love blogs. When there is new content, the bots have food to eat and they visit the blog as often as it is updated.

How Often Should You Blog? Keys to Finding the Right Blogging Frequency - image how-often-should-you-post-blog on https://trunk.lyAs you can see, in my earlier post, I have used the word “regularly” instead of saying weekly, or daily.

There are two reasons why I used the word regularly:

1. I wanted to insist that a blog indeed needs to be updated regularly and if it is not done, one should find out why.

2. The word “regularly” is generic and could replace “daily”, “weekly”, “three times a week” and so on. I will explain this point a bit more in detail below.

Okay I am insisting here that a blog needs to be updated by giving a crude word “regularly”. I am leaving it as such because it takes different meanings for different people. Some bloggers post twice a day, some post once a day, some post once in two days, three times a week, 8 times per month, and so on.

The word ‘regularly’ does not precisely define a time scale and that’s why I put that word. You have to fill the right word that should come in place of the “regularly”. This word should be the word that defines a frequency which is convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full time or a part time blogger, you have lots of stuff on your plate. Blogging not only includes writing blog posts, but also involves networking, commenting on other blogs, writing guest posts, promoting recent and old blog posts, writing newsletters, working on products out of the blog and so on.

This is totally about me. There can be others who can put in still more time and effort to generate content daily in spite of working full time. So it all depends on the individual.

Finding the right frequency

Many bloggers leave their blog un-updated because they just couldn’t find out the right frequency to update their blogs. They start with a wrong frequency and then struggle to keep up with it.

Here is how to do it when you start out:

1. Make sure you have at least 10 high quality articles ready to be published even before you launch a blog.

2. Naturally, once you are close to launching the blog, you will have very limited time to concentrate on producing content; you will be busy with the theme, design, setting up certain things, submitting blog to search engines and so on. So your 10 articles will keep you running at this time for a while.

3. After the launch you must start with a very low posting frequency say, once a week. Then on you can slowly increase if you think that you can write more blog posts. Otherwise you can simply stick to what you started with.

4. The key is to stick to the frequency you are comfortable with.

The bottom line is, there is no universal optimal frequency and there is no universal rule telling you to update your blog at a particular frequency. But updating your blog “regularly” is the key, whatever be the update frequency.

I got into writing this post because not only to keep your blog alive, updating your blog regularly also counts towards SEO, so you must take it seriously.

A blog that is updated everyday is fresh and is search engine friendly. Bots love to crawl such sites with fresh content. And one post a day makes a lot of content; so that there is plenty to look for. Such a blog is attractive to readers so that they can come back for something new quite often.

But what if you don’t have the quality content to post everyday and you force yourself to stick to this rule? That will give a pathetic blog to the web and I am sure such a blog will die eventually.

I here exclude those who can write quality content everyday; this depends on various factors: Time to write, ability and motivation to write and so on. And if you have more than one authors on your blog or if you accept guest posts, it is a different story.

So don’t kill yourself.

Find the right blog update frequency that suits you and stick to it. People will love you and so will the bots.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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