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I love what I do, helping people understand why they aren’t moving in the direction they want with blogging.  I find it fun and exciting because I can usually pick up rather quickly on exactly what the real issue is.

How To Make Your Content More Interesting - image landing-page-content-writing on https://trunk.lyOn of those issues is why no one wants to read their blog posts.

My friend Barbara is a perfect example.  I met her in a mastermind group about four years ago.  There were about seven of us ladies in this group but we all had different talents.  Barbara is a very intelligent women, I was even a little intimidated by her at first.

Most of these ladies were close to my age and also here to accomplish the same things I am.  We are all building our businesses and using our blogs to get people to learn more about who we are and how we can help them.

Barbara is very successful in her offline career but was not having much luck with her blog.  In one of the sessions she asked the group why she couldn’t seem to get anyone to read her posts.

I’m a very open and honest person, I’ve always been that way but I also hate to hurt people’s feelings.  I do my best to word things so that it won’t come across as being mean but sometimes there aren’t many words you can use to get the point across.

My answer to Barbara was that her content was boring.  She was way too businesslike with what she shared and not only could I not relate to it but it about put me to sleep.

Why Content Marketing Is SO Important

We hear the term “content marketing” ALL the time but do you really know what it means?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Source: Content Marketing Institute

Basically what that means is you want to communicate with your prospects and customers in such a way that they don’t think you’re selling to them.

As in Barbara’s case though, if you’re putting them to sleep then not only will you probably chase them away without them reading your post to the end but you can’t expect them to voluntarily want to keep coming back or buy from you.

If they’re reading your content though then they’re there for a reason.

Most consumers search for content because they’re eager to solve a problem.  Who wouldn’t want to read content that will not only solve their problem but they can relate to the author and it’s enjoyable to read!

That should be your main goal.

Are you accomplishing this?

In 2014, 87% of buyers stated that digital content had a LARGE impact on their purchasing decisions.

This is serious stuff guys so we all need to step it up.

More and more people are online today searching for content to help them with their buying decisions.  Don’t take my word for it though:

It’s About The Conversation

As in Barbara’s case, she was being way too professional in her writing.  It’s not her fault actually, I started out doing the exact same thing.

Anyone who comes from a professional career in corporate America tends to write in this manner.  It’s uncommon for us to be casual in our writing because we were all taught that this is a business.

Here’s what I love though…  Major businesses are now learning that they too need to let their hair down and be more personable in their own content.

Their prospects and/or customers haven’t been able to relate to what they’ve been sharing. They’ve only felt like they were being sold to.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

Let’s say you found this particular post because you wanted to know how you could make your content more interesting for your own readers.

How am I making you feel?

Are you learning some valuable information?

Are you able to relate to Barbara’s story?

Have I kept your attention up to this point?

Do you feel like commenting on what I’ve shared so far or eager to read more to see what else I’ll say?

Bingo, it’s all about the conversations so let them feel like they’re having one with you.  Entice them into wanting to comment on your post and respond to what you’ve shared.

Talk to them like they’re a friend and make them feel comfortable.

But wait, there’s more.

You Want A Relationship With Your Readers

When you get the conversations going and make your readers feel like they are a part of it then they’ll be more eager to want to come back for more.  You want them to want to see what else you’ll share.

Last year, Forrester Research conducted a survey and found that most businesses still focus their content production on “closing the deal” instead of building relationships.

The sad truth is that when they asked marketers if they communicated with their audience, most did say they were in front of them on a daily basis but only 5% of them focused on creating a long-term relationship with them.

We’re looking for that connection, we’re trying to relate, we want to feel comfortable and perhaps the way to do that is to share examples like I just did with my friend Barbara.

Maybe you’re able to relate to her story; perhaps you’ve been coming across in your own content as stuffy so your readers view you that way as well.

Who wants to keep coming back to someone’s content when they aren’t feeling that connection?  You want that long-term relationship with your audience because that’s how you get them to come back time and time again.

You want to have that emotional connection with your readers.  You want them to be able to relate to you.  You want them to feel comfortable asking you questions.  You want them to want to comment on what you share.  You definitely want them to end up making that all important decision later on to buy from you.

Make Your Content Interesting

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else out there.

All you need to do in order to make your content more interesting is to just think about what they want to know.  Think about helping your audience with whatever issue you’re addressing in a fun and/or entertaining way.

Make it a conversation, just be yourself, tell a story, use a conversation you had with a friend as an example, make them curious about reading what else you have, focus on helping them.

Help your readers with what it is that they want to know and focus on forming that friendship with them.  Be there for them, answer their questions and always respond to their comments.

That’s how you can get them wanting to share your content and wanting to come back for more.

Don’t get stuck like my friend Barbara with the boring and stuffy writing.  Lighten up, be fun, talk to your audience like they’re a good friend and enjoy this process.  With time you’ll get better and better, trust me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m always eager to hear your thoughts.  Be sure to let me know where you are right now and if you need help bringing out more of you for your readers.

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