How to Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress


A little known feature within WordPress is the ability to schedule the publishing of your posts. You as a WordPress website owner have this ability, and you should not be afraid to use it!

Scheduling a post can help you automate your blog if you are not around to do so.  Some reasons for scheduling your posts are:

  • You are going on vacation or traveling for a bit. When you are going on vacation the last thing you want to worry about is if your blog will have fresh content. Scheduling posts will alleviate this stress. If you are planning to publish a post while on vacation do some research on the internet connectivity for your destination, you may not be able to get online!
  • If you live in a different timezone than your readers.  Their peek activity time may be different than when you are awake. Waking up daily at 1:30 am to push a publish is not a real healthy habit.
  • You may have had this incredible creative streak and have 5 posts all lined up! This is a great time to schedule them, this will put your blog on autopilot and you can concentrate on getting more traffic or maybe creating a product.

Scheduling a post in WordPres

Watch this quick video, or if you just want to see the steps keep on scrolling.


    1. From the edit post screen look for where it has the calendar icon and says “publish immediately”. Next to that should be a link that says edit. Click that.How to Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress - image wordpress-publish-edit-278x300 on
    1. Select the date and time that you want your post to be published. Remember the time is based of the timezone you have set in your WordPress settings. (bonus tip) You can double check this by going to settings >> general and making sure you have the correct time zone selected.How to Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress - image Add_New_Post_‹_Mark_Allen_—_WordPress-236x300 on
  1. Once you have entered the date and time you want the post to be published you can hit schedule. (it has replaced the publish button)How to Schedule a Blog Post in WordPress - image wordpress-schedule-blog-post-259x300 on
  2. Sit back and watch the WordPress elf’s do the work for you!

If you want to adjust the time a scheduled post is published you can edit the post and change the time and date.  Make sure you hit schedule again or it will not save!

Scheduling posts in WordPress can be a great way to automate your blog.  Sometimes it is not possible to press that “publish” button yourself. Knowing this options is available will make vacation planning and time zone differences a lot easier for you to deal with. Now the next time you are going on vacation you can concentrate on remembering the sun screen, not on how your readers will continue to get your amazing content.

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