The benefits of using Instagram for business


The benefits of using Instagram for business

The increasing popularity of social media makes it a matter of urgency and utmost importance for your business to be advertised on these platforms if you are really serious about creating a viable funnel for directing traffic to your business and gradually growing it.

If you have chosen to promote your business on Instagram, what do you stand to gain from that decision?

There are some valuable benefits you can derive from driving your business growth with Instagram. Let’s have a look at some of the best benefits you can derive from it:

Increased engagement

While many brands concentrate on using Twitter and Facebook to increase their online engagement with their customers, they oftentimes overlook the potential of Instagram to help increase their engagement. If you have an active Instagram account with valuable content, you have a platform that can increase your engagement levels beyond your imagination.

In a study conducted by Forrester, it was discovered that you can have a better engagement for your content on Instagram than on Facebook. According to the study, “Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.” That is an absolute fact. You can increase your customer engagement drastically if you understand the rules of Instagram marketing and play your game by the rules.

That shows that Instagram offers you the perfect social media site to connect with your customers who are from all walks of life. You can focus on their feedback and use the information you garner from that to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

If you have a new product or service, sharing such information and asking people’s opinion about them is a great way to leverage the better engagement to your own benefit. You can equally give your followers a sneak peek into the future of a new project and welcome their input. You may find your followers’ input more valuable to the success of the new project.

You can build trust and personality

One of the easiest ways for brands to generate more engagement is to promote their products with branded content. With Instagram, you can easily leverage the power of your branded content to build a lasting trust amongst your followers. If you can work hard to establish a strong emotional connection with your followers, you will benefit from that feature of Instagram.

If you have a specific brand that you want to promote on the platform, you need to have some amazing ways to promote them to build a good relationship with your audience. One of the methods is by using some behind-the-scene photos. The community usually appreciates employee images if they are professionally shot and are high-quality. Such beautiful images will pass the right information to the community.

The more of such photos you post on your page, the more Instagramers will show interest in your posts. As a result, you can have a good shot at portraying your company in a good light; you increase the company’s attractiveness and trustworthiness. That in the long run will impact your business positively as more people become aware of it.

You can reach your target audience

Instagram may be the perfect place where you can reach your target audience. If your brand is targeting young people, you have an abundance of them on Instagram. A recent study by Jenns Trends shows that almost 4 out of every 10 adults under the age of 30 can be found on Instagram. So, if you are targeting people within that age group, you shouldn’t hesitate to create an Instagram account.

It also attends to the needs of other groups of people as well. A study by showed that since 2012, the number of adult Instagram users in the United States has doubled since more adults are getting used to Instagram and a good percentage of the young users are coming of age.

You should try to find out the age group that your brand is targeting and use the right tools, either by Instagram or by a third party, to target your audience. That will boost your chances of reaching your target market on the platform. Regardless of your target audience, you will always find a ready audience on the platform.

Free advertisement

Advertising, if done right, is crucial to the success of every business. It is one of the most powerful and effective strategies to create awareness to your audience. It has been used for decades for increasing the popularity of a brand. Many companies depend on advertising for their success and have benefited immensely from that decision. That makes it worthwhile to consider the fact that you have access to free advertising.

Instead of contemplating how to raise a small fortune for paid advertisements anywhere, you can enjoy the free advertisement offered by Instagram to increase your reach and gradually build your business, exactly what paid advertisements hope to achieve.

By updating your page regularly with valuable content and attractive photos with the right attributes, your popularity on social media will take a huge leap. In no time, you will reach as many people as you want without spending excessive amounts of money on paid advertising.

This is good news for business owners who are running their businesses on a shoestring budget. Without worrying yourself about how to raise advertising capital, a few minutes are sufficient for you to sign up to an Instagram account and start the race of building huge followers for your account.

Increased traffic

This is the major reasons why you have an Instagram account. You want to leverage the services it offers you to build a large portfolio for yourself on the media, all while you drive referral traffic to your website.

Despite the fact that you can directly add clickable links to your posts, it is still a very powerful and result-oriented way to drive an amazing amount traffic to your website. A platform that offers you a higher engagement level than that of Twitter and Facebook has the potential to give you sufficient traffic to keep your business afloat. You only need to do two things: create an impressive bio and do your best to maintain the profile. Don’t forget the valuable impact that updating your page with valuable content has. You must leave no stone unturned in your attempt to get your followers addicted to your posts. That will make them pledge their total allegiance to you.

It offers competitive advantage

If you are an active member of Twitter and Facebook, you will realize that Instagram has less competition compared to those platforms. The implication is that you have a very powerful platform for showcasing your business or brand without the crazy competition you must contend with on both Twitter and Facebook.

The reduced levels of competition on Instagram should be put to good use by capitalizing on the freedom and have less competition so you can expand your reach to as many people as possible.

A recent study by the American Express survey indicated that about 2% of small scale businesses operate on Instagram. That reduces your competition, and you can leverage such reduced competition to create more awareness for your business rather than spend a huge chunk of your time fighting the stiff completion.

It is ideal for different business sizes

You don’t need to entertain unnecessary worry over the size of your business. Instagram is designed to cater to the needs of different companies and brands regardless of the size of their staff.

While some big brands have taken their awareness and popularity to a whole new level, small brands are not left behind. They have mastered the use of the platform to get the most out of it. It is not unusual to see both brands succeeding on the platform by taking advantage of the accommodating nature of the platform.

Some of the big brands that have found success on Instagram include:

  • Audi: This auto company is one of the leading names in the auto industry. In recent years, Audi has taken to Instagram to promote its line of cars. The result has been impressive. In just 90 days, two of its photos generated 104,000 and 109,000 interactions respectively. This is an indication that the auto company knows the rules and is applying them correctly. The company used some catchy captions to attract the attention of their followers. The simple caption “In the 5 seconds it takes to expose this photo, the #AudiS3 can hit 65 MPH” garnered 109k interactions. The power is in using a catchy caption and it worked.
  • Starbucks: This is another company that has the know-how of using Instagram to garner engagements. Within a period of two-and-a-half months, the company made 77 posts. With these posts, Starbucks received in excess of 20 million engagements. This is an average of over 270,000 engagements for each of their posts. The most engaging of these posts is the Lemonade post. This post received over 2,000 comments and about 400,000 likes. During that period, the company gained about 1.5 million new followers which translated to a 180% engagement increase.
  • Nike: Nike is one of the most popular sportswear manufacturers in the world. Over the course of years, this giant company has used its experience and high-quality images to drive traffic in droves to its Instagram account.

According to a recent study of the biggest brands on Instagram with the highest number of followers, Nike is ranked second, below only to National Geographic.

It is expected that this figure will continue to rise as the company keep playing the game by the rules. With an apt caption, attention-grabbing images, and the other factors, more followers will keep identifying with this sportswear giant.

If you are apprehensive about taking your chances with Instagram, you should consider using Nike’s tagline as a piece of advice: Just do it.

Similarly, some small brands have equally benefited from Instagram as I highlighted above. Therefore, the size of your brand is never an excuse for missing out on the plethora of benefits that Instagram offers businesses.

The earlier you commit your business to Instagram, the earlier you benefit from it. Your brand will feel the positive impact of such a wise decision.

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