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If you couldn’t get this until now, Instagram is a great place to market your business. The photo sharing platform has all the right tools for promoting your brand. However, since the majority of the posts on this platform are photos, how can you stand out among the tough competition out there?

The answer to this is by using good photos for your posts. Making your photos attractive and of the best quality gives you the edge you need to help boost your page.

It is true that your photos must be top-notch but the question is how can you take great photos that will be of the best quality?

Here are some tips that will help you take the best photos:

  1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead before taking the picture is a good way to start the process of taking good photos. You are advised to think about your brand and what you really want to offer your audience. Advanced planning gives you a good idea about what you want to do. That will give you a blueprint to work with.

  1. Don’t be obsessed with people’s thoughts

When you are through with your plan, take the time to find you what you really like. Your thoughts shouldn’t be focused primarily on what the Instagram community wants from you, or the type of photo is the most popular amongst the members of the community. If you give heed to these thoughts, you will defeat your goal of getting the best picture before you even took out the camera.

  1. Use natural sources of light

One of the most important factors you must consider is lighting. It is the key to the overall beauty of your photos. Note that even the best photo-editing app with the most complex filter can never make a good job of a poorly-lit photo. Using natural sources of light will give your photos the right illumination. If you must take any photo outdoors, you should consider doing so early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or overcast days. These periods are when you can get the best shots.

  1. Use your eyes before your camera

Your eyes still remain an important and efficient tool for taking good photos. It is customary to see people taking a couple of pictures, comparing them, and then making their choice. Instead of towing that path and wasting time taking tens of shots before settling for the best, use your eyes before using the camera.

This requires that you look at the object critically, frame the picture with your eyes, and observe the object for some time. This may give you a new perspective for looking at the object so that you can get the best shot after taking a few pictures.

  1. Use the grid feature

It is good to bring your composition in when attempting to take a picture. Whenever you want to take a picture, you can make the best job of it by turning on the grid. You can watch the elements overlapping through your viewfinder or on the screen until you get the perfect conditions for shooting. That will enhance the beauty of your photo.

  1. Use the point of interest

A common feature of all good photos is the presence of a point of interest. It may be someone in the foreground or a great landscape with sharp lines that focuses the viewer’s eyes.  Great photos are known for having more than one point of interest without them overlapping and creating a sense of clutter. Try to let your photo reveal a little information about the place or person. Let it tell a story about the point of interest.

  1. Watch out for moments

Another way to make your photo great is by letting your pictures have great moments. Let the moments be about the subjects or subject you want to shoot. Look for some natural moments such as extreme, peak, settled, or emotional moments. Either of these moments will make the picture interesting.

If there are unwanted pieces of information, stay away from them. The unwanted information may detract from the great moment and impact the picture negatively. You can only be pardoned if the unwanted information contributes to the overall beauty of the image.

Your goal is to have a clean image, free of unwanted clutter, that draws the attention of the viewers directly to the story you want to tell.

  1. Strong shapes, colors, and lines are good

One of the qualities of a good Instagram image is strong colors and well-defined lines. The photo should contain some elements that will loom large in your camera’s frame so that it can easily draw the attention of the viewers. Through personal training and regular practice, you will develop the skills for conveying some emotions with your pictures.

  1. Use third-party apps

There are tons of third-party apps that you can use to make your pictures stand out. These apps come in different forms and for a wide variety of functions. You can explore the functionalities of these apps to add to the overall beauty of your images.

An app that is good for simulating a slow shutter to some moving objects, such as blurry water, can create a long-exposure effect. The effect will be more pronounced on waterfalls or incredibly large bodies of water. That will give you the perfect condition to show high contrast between the sharp, still surroundings and the water.

  1. Use light from strange sources

If you compare your phone camera with traditional cameras, you will see a clear distinction. The lens of the phone camera has a different way of absorbing light than the camera. That makes it possible for the phone camera to see light from some strange places such as behind the object or above it.

If you move the object around without taking your eyes off it through your phone camera, you will see the object as it transforms until you can see the rays of light on your lens. The light will have a powerful impact on the image. This is the moment you are waiting for. Take your shot right here.

  1. Leverage the burst mode

When taking a picture, you may see the need to make a moment stand still without losing its detail.  If you want to do that, shoot in daylight or in a well-lit space so that you can use a fast shutter speed.

Ensure that you tap the screen to make it possible to lock focus on the object manually. You can also make the exposure perfect by using the slide bar before taking the shot. With burst mode, you have a perfect tool that will be useful when choosing the most appropriate moment for the picture.

  1. Shoot from a wide variety of angles

You can try to take your pictures from viewpoints that look quite unusual. If you consider a view to be normal, it can actually look awesome if you shoot it from a different perspective than through the perspective you see.

Consider shooting from as many angles as possible to make your pictures more appealing. You can try the right-down or up-high position and see the impact it has on your image.

  1. Use props

You should consider using different objects, and observe their impact on the story you are trying to tell. By taking your environment and the background of the object into consideration, you can do a good job of making your photo look great by making the scene come alive.

  1. Use a bad weather to your advantage

While some people curl up at the idea of having to deal with bad weather while shooting, you can use the bad weather to your advantage. Whenever there is fog, snow, or rain you should go out there and find a way to make the best use of that weather to shoot a unique picture. An experienced photographer once suggested that you should use bad weather to make good photographs. In his words, “Bad weather equals good photographs.”

  1. Use the puddles after the rain

After a rainfall, go out there and take awesome photos. The puddles will give you reflections that you can utilize to contribute beauty to your pictures. That background will be great for taking interesting pictures and you shouldn’t hesitate to use them.

  1. Consider using white space

White space is fun to use. They add uniqueness and beauty to your picture. Take a look at some masterpieces like the latest catalog of J.Crew, or an outstandingly beautiful home. What common feature do they have? Both of these use tons of white space.

You can imitate them and bring such an impression to your picture so that you can make your Instagram feed neat and clutter free. How you feel about those pictures when you see them mirrors the way others will feel when viewing your Instagram feed when it has enough white space.

The best way to have a good shot with white space is to look for white backgrounds when shooting. If you want to photograph a person, you can shoot in front of a white wall to have that effect on your picture.

If you want to shoot an object, a white window sill or a piece of foam board should be used for photographing the object in order to add the white space effect.

Some font apps also have such feature. You can try WordSwag and use it to put an impressive quote on your photo to give it that white space effect. That will give your feed some breathing room.

  1. Take advantage of the portrait mode

Instagram has a new portrait mode that you can take advantage of. You can use it to lay emphasis on the length of a particular scene. You can also use it to tell a detailed story that just isn’t possible with a square crop.

  1. Add more elements

Adding more elements to your scale will make your photo look great. Adding scale to your image can be done by simply including a person in the image’s frame. You can try different poses within the same scene to find the best one that will add to the beauty of your image.

  1. Layers are handy

Using layers for your images makes it possible to convey a perfect message to the viewer. The goal is to let the viewers share the same point of view with you. Using these will give your audience a good view of your brand because they see your brand exactly the way you want them to see it.

  1. Use patches of light

You can find patches of light in different places. The street lamp and the rays of sunlight are perfect sources for these patches of light. During a photography session, find them and use them to enhance your skills.

An important attribute of using patches of light emanating from the sun is that the patches will always give you a variety of backgrounds to use. Make use of that to give your audience a perfect picture.

  1. Use the dusk to your advantage

Even when the sun is going down you can still stay out to take beautiful pictures. Although we have limited vision when the sun goes down, modern cameras have better ability to pick up light than humans.

This is a good way to give your audience something beautiful. By leveraging the unusual power of the camera to capture the captivating moments of a sunset, you can give your audience something truly amazing.

  1. Move as physically possible to your subject

You can get more than you bargain for if you can move closer to your object as much as possible. Whether you want to shoot animals or people, it is advisable that you get close to them. That creates the right emotion and intimacy in your work. Your audience will appreciate the output and the sense of intimacy associated with the picture. Move closer to the object and use the widest focal length you can. That will bring the object into perspective, and will fill the frame of the photo. The result is a subject that is popped out so much that this cannot be achieved without the lens.

If you are an iPhone user, Moment has a good wide angle lens that will give you the best results. On the other hand, DSLR users may find the 16-35 mm lens very useful.

  1. Use your phone’s accessories

When considering taking a good shot, a lens attachment can make all the difference in improving your photo. If you want to add some character to the photo, consider using a wide angle lens.

  1. Your edits should be simple

The availability of different editing tools has turned some people into editing freaks. While some people keep their edits simple, some have a tendency over edit their shots. Experience has shown that over-edited photos can lose its appeal. Therefore, when using filters to give your photos the best look, resist the urge to overdo it.

Whichever editing tool you use, be moderate. Don’t push a photo too far from its real natural state. Users won’t find it attractive that way. However, subtle tweaks are cool and will help the image to maintain its natural look.

A study by the social media scientist at HubSpot, Dan Zarella, revealed that photos that don’t have too much color saturation in them get more likes than the others that are over-edited. What else did the stats say? Such images can get almost 600% likes more than other posts.

  1. Always aim for quality

You can up your game on Instagram by curating your feed and making sharing a better part of your activities as opposed to posting. The implication here is that you should be selective about lighting and composition. That will give you tons of high-quality images to choose from to share with your audience.

  1. Make practice a way of life

You can’t get it right at your first attempt. You need tons of hours of regular practice sessions to master the art of taking beautiful pictures. If you have the time to make regular practices, you will gradually know your tools and the best ways to take amazing shots.

Always be ready to get a good shot whenever an interesting scene, location, moment, or light pops up. Cultivate the habit of doing a good job composing good photos. You can also take a couple of frames of the same object to get the best results while you also pay close attention to the editing.

The results will be sharp, clean photos that will wow you with natural colors and appealing tones.


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The hours of practice sessions will be fully rewarding as the appreciation for your posts increase, and as more followers join your base.

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