Tips for growing your Instagram followership

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Practical tips for growing your followership and increasing your fan base

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You can’t leverage the power of Instagram to boost your business if your followership is low. Come to think of it, you need people to patronize you and help your business grow. That implies that your business’ success depends not on creating an Instagram account, but on the ability of the account to generate sufficient organic traffic through improved engagement and increased followership that can be directed to your website to boost your sales or patronage.

In line with this, there is a direct connection between your business and Instagram account: your fan base will directly determine how far your business can thrive amidst the stiff competition from your formidable competitors. If your fan base is too low, you shouldn’t expect a miracle. It has nothing positive to offer your business and that can have an adverse effect on it. Their impact will depend on their numerical strength and that is a fact that you simply can’t ignore.

Conversely, a massive fan base is an indication that you can get an impressive engagement and better conversion from your Instagram followers to your brand’s website through awesome engagement.

This highlights the urgency and importance of having a huge followership that can greatly impact your business positively in all aspects. What practical steps can you take to achieve this?

There are tons of practical techniques that you can implement to increase the popularity and engagement of your Instagram account. These techniques will offer you the tools to gradually take your business, or brand image, to the Instagram community with a goal of expanding your reach to get more followers who have the potential for becoming your clients or customers.

A look at some of these effective methods will give you an idea of how you can leverage the power of Instagram to increase your followership to an enviable size with the potential for driving your business forward.

Within a couple of weeks after constant practice and consistency, you can grow your audience with these simple and effective tips:

 Instagram hashtags effectively

Using hashtags is a common feature of some social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags are used for different functions on these sites such as making a topic trend and garnering more users to increase the engagement of a particular topic. Aside from using these hashtags to make some topics or posts go viral, you can also use hashtags to increase your followership if you understand how to use these effectively for the better performance for your posts.

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Some of these rules involve being conversant with the latest hashtags, knowing what hashtags are appropriate for a particular situation, and which of the hashtags you can use effectively to have the desired impact on your account.

Let me explain some of these rules and how you can use them to achieve your goal.

  • Use special hashtags

Although there are tons of hashtags on Instagram, they are not all used for the same purpose. Some are specifically created to help users gain more followers and have increased engagement. Some of these special hashtags are #l4l (Like for like), #followback, #FF (Follow Friday), #tagforlikes, and other hashtags with similar features. Using these hashtags on your images is tantamount to extending a direct invitation to other users on the platform to follow you. Many people will respond positively to the invitation and contribute to the growth of your account if your page has desirable content.

  • Be conversant with the best hashtags

The Instagram community uses thousands of tags daily. This can range from business hashtags and celebrity hashtags, to economics and politics hashtags. Technically, you have tons of hashtags to choose from, depending on your business line. However, the question is which of these tags is the best one to use to ensure increased awareness for your brand? That requires that you need to be abreast of the new and the best hashtags, always. How can you do that? You have to look for them. Yes, literally comb the Internet and other social media resources to compile a comprehensive list of the best hashtags to choose from.

Knowing the best tag requires that you have a way of identifying the best tags based on some parameters that include their levels of engagement and their popularity among the Instagram community.

While that is practically impossible to manually go through all the tags in the world to check their engagement levels and their popularity among other users, rest assured that the Internet world does not leave the job to you alone. You have several digital tools at your disposal to help. One such tool is Websta. This Instagram viewer will give you a comprehensive analysis and an exhaustive list of the best tags to choose from. Websta always compiles a list of the top 100 tags so that any interested person can view the list and have an idea of what the top tags are at that moment. You can avail yourself of this opportunity to reduce your stress and conserve your time if you decide to personally conduct research on the topic.

These are the best hashtags on Instagram at the writing of this guide:

  • #love (1.12 billion)
  • #instagood (621.7 million)
  • #photooftheday (436.7 million)
  • #beautiful (404.8 million)
  • #fashion (400.6 million)
  • #tbt (379.1 million)
  • #cute(376.3)
  • #followme (347 million)
  • #like4like (345.5 million)
  • #follow (333 million)

Other hashtags that complete the first 20 best hashtags are:

  • #me
  • #selfie
  • #summer
  • #instadaily
  • #friends
  • #art
  • #girl
  • #nature
  • #instalike

You can view the complete list of the top 100 Instagram hashtags on the Websta website whenever you want to find out what the best tags are. The first tag on this list has over a billion uses while the last can boast over 300 million uses. This shows the potentials hidden within these top tags. You can tap into the opportunity offered by these tags and increase your followership. Use the appropriate tag from the list with your photo and see a sharp increase in your brand awareness.

  • Take advantage of the autocomplete feature

Instagram has an abundance of hidden gems that only experienced Instagram users can uncover. One such hidden gem is the autocomplete feature. The feature is the breeding ground for better hashtags with the potential to make your Instagram photo go viral. It has a similar functionality to Google’s autocomplete feature that gives you numerous suggestions when using a search query to look for a product or information.

Just like its Google counterpart, the feature gives you a list of different alternatives to the hashtag you already have in mind when searching, so that you can use the better alternative with your photos and have more effective hashtags that can support your goal of increasing your fan base via your photos. From the list, you can choose the tag with the best user amount. Using the best hashtag increases your chances of getting the desired recognition by people online. Take a look at the list above again. The first 10 garnered over 3 billion uses. That offers you more value than perhaps the last 10 on the top 100 list. Imagine the potential increase in value that would occur just by using any one of them and what impact that will have on your brand.

  • Find the best hashtag in your niche

A very important step towards driving traffic to your business Instagram account is having a good knowledge of the best hashtag in your business niche. It will be out of order if you don’t know what works well in your business line. If you don’t take the time to learn this, you are denying yourself the opportunity to have the best tool at your disposal. What’s more is that you can also commit the unpardonable blunder of using the wrong hashtag if you don’t know how to use tags for your images. For instance, what impact will using a politics-related hashtag have on your business when you are not promoting any political agenda? Do you think that using the hashtags that are ideal for vacation will have a favourable impact on your business?

These are different topics that require different hashtags to succeed. You need to use the appropriate hashtags to convey the corresponding message to your target audience and get them more involved in your campaign. When you know the best tags in your business line, you can work towards using them for personal causes so that you can have a shot at increasing your popularity on the social media platform. That is the way to grow, not the other way around. Otherwise, your best efforts may be insufficient to take your business beyond your warehouse or office.

Contrary to the general misconception about the difficulty of finding the most appropriate hashtags on Instagram, finding the best hashtags in your niche is relatively easy. The rule of thumb stipulates that you pay undivided attention to how other users in your target audience use some hashtags effectively. Take a cue from them and tweak the hashtags you have already known to help you succeed.

You only need a note-taking app where you can write down whatever tag you find useful, analyze the tag, and to see what other ways you can use the tags to suit your needs and increase your followership. One of the most effective apps for such purpose is the Simplenote app. This cross-platform app is ideal for taking notes whenever you find the right hashtag you want to jot down. You can also use the app on different platforms without restrictions or limitations.

Another valuable tool is the cheat sheet. This sheet can take the pressure off of going through a mammoth post daily in search of valuable tags from you. The clean sheet gives you a head start by offering you a comprehensive list of these hashtags and the best way to use them for your benefit. That way, you will spend a little less time on searching for the hashtags and direct your attention on how to best use the hashtags.

The Internet has tons of cheat sheets to choose from. They are well designed to simplify your search and give you the best assistance. Among these sheets, Tagstagram has proven itself to be the best and the most useful. It contains the best hashtags in an array of topics such as food, animals, politics, business, and the like. To further simplify your search, it also divides the hashtag into subdivisions for easy identification and proper use. For instance, the “Celebrities” section of Tagstagram contains different hashtags for celebrities such as Neymar, Rihana, as well as several others. You only need to choose the appropriate gender to find the hashtag for a particular celebrity.

The same principle can be adapted to your business. You can check the “Brand” or “Small Businesses” section for business-related hashtags that may address your particular need. You can unleash your power of imagination to make the tags useful for you. With repeated tweaking, you will get the best use out of these hashtags. If you have a clear idea of what you want, getting the most appropriate tag won’t be difficult with these resources.

You can download the Tastagramapp on your mobile device to make it easy and convenient for you to access those tags, and constantly find better ways to use them effectively. On the other hand, if you can’t download it for whatever reason, the platform has a responsive website that makes browsing easy for any user. That will make your search simple while you have access to tons of valuable information.

Some other tools you can use to find the best hashtags includes the TagsForLife website and Webstagram. The former tool gives you a long list of the best hashtags you can use for your images. After finding the best one for your niche, copy the tags and paste them in your photo. You are good to go. With the latter tool, you have direct access to the best hashtags you can use for making your posts more popular and gaining a larger audience.

In a nutshell, you can never run out of good tools that will simplify your search for what you need for improving your reach on Instagram.

  • Know the most appropriate tag for each day

Building an impressive profile on Instagram is not possible within a short period of time. It is a long-term project with long-term benefits. You must regularly update your account with photos of your brand to keep people aware of the business. This fact raises a vital point: knowing the most appropriate tag for a particular day.

The hidden truth is that Instagram has different tags that are specifically designed for each day. This secret is known by a privileged few and is used to increase their fan base daily.

For instance, the hashtag for Monday is different from that of Tuesday and so on. Some days may have multiples of hashtags based on certain factors. Do you know the hashtags for each day? If you do, that’s great. You must devise a practical way to leverage that knowledge to increase your fan base.

And if you don’t, simple research will give you a list of the recognized hashtags for each day of the week. If you can follow the trend, your account will be boosted daily until you have a fan base that is large enough to impact your business positively.

Whether you come out with #fitnesssaturday, #motivationsunday, or #throwbackthursday, find the specific hashtag for a particular day and use it. You can reach out to a larger audience if you decide to participate in these day-specific hashtags.

  • Use relevant tags only

The fact that you have thousands of Instagram hashtags doesn’t give you the freedom to spam your post with hashtags. You can’t incorporate any number of hashtags in your post just because you feel inclined to use the hashtags that way. Instagram has a limitation on the number of hashtags that can be used for a post. According to the social media site, you are limited to 30 hashtags per post. However, using all 30 in a single post is synonymous to spamming your picture. There is a stiff penalty for violators of this rule.

What do you do to protect yourself from getting Instagram’s disapproval and punishment? Use the most relevant tags that will give you the best result. It is not really about the number of hashtags you can stuff in a post; it is about how well you can use them to maximize your chances of getting a better audience for your posts.

According to some social media experts, you can get the best results from a maximum of 5 tags. The only rule is to combine those tags well so that it can have a positive impact on your post, thereby leading to an overall improvement in your followership. If you find a working formula to combine the five tags effectively, it will guarantee you a better result than combining some tags randomly without a specific order or purpose for the combination.

Although there is no fixed rule that you can’t exceed 5 hashtags, doing so should be with the goal of getting a better result rather than combining them “just because,” or because you have seen some people with tons of tags attached to a post.

If you must exceed these 5 hashtags, a simple rule will give you the best result: don’t use any tag in the picture caption so that your picture may look attractive and tidy. On the other hand, include the most appropriate tags in the first comment on the picture. That will give you the desired effect. Just know the rules and abide by them.

You must be conscious of the fact that you are a different entity, unlike the other guy whose posts you have seen with more than the suggested number of hashtags. You have no justifiable reason to copy his posting style. You don’t have the same goal. You may even be in a completely different business terrain. Identify what will work for you, not what works for others. Identify the tags that will work well with you and combine them effectively. Monitor your pictures and see the impact of the tags you use on their popularity. That will give you a clue about the best tag for you. You can’t achieve that by imitating someone’s style without knowing the rationale behind that style.

If you use these tips as suggested, you will spare yourself the difficult task of having to dig through a heap of hashtags to find the best ones for you. With a little consistency, you will finally arrive at the best solution, the right formula for making the most effective use of Instagram hashtags to improve your account followership and fan base.

Let your account be easy to follow

People won’t know about the existence of your account if your account is not conspicuous enough. You can only expect an appreciable growth in your followership if your account is easy to follow and encourages easy engagement. The more visible your account and photos are, the higher the number of people that will be aware of your business. That may translate to a literal increase in your popularity, and subsequently, your patronage. An Instagram account with a huge fan base is a gold mine that should be explored, rather than hidden.

However, some Instagram users have the unhealthy habit of making their accounts very difficult to follow. This may be through their strict settings that restrict access to their accounts or through a nonchalant attitude towards making their accounts visible to more people by sharing on other social media platforms such as Facebook. That is a destructive habit that you won’t find amusing to imitate due to its potential negative and discouraging impact on your brand.

Your list of priorities should include making your profile very visible and easy to follow. That will make it easy for millions of future clients or customers to see your posts and engage with them. There are some practical suggestions that will give your Instagram account a boost and increase its popularity. Let me give you some tips that will “expose” your account.

  • Use your blog/website:As an online entrepreneur, it is never out of line to believe that you either have a blog or a website used for promoting your business. You can expand the functionality of the website by using it to promote your Instagram account. If your website boasts a good volume of traffic, incorporate your Instagram account at strategic places in the website.

As more people come to read your posts, they will gradually become aware of your Instagram. If your account has some attractive and informative photos, you can rest assured knowing that some of your readers will take an interest in your Instagram account, thereby directly contributing to the growth of your Instagram account.

  • Promote with your complimentary card: Your business card has an objective: get your business into the hands of as many people as possible. Over the years, it has been an effective promotional tool as well. You can extend its functions by using it to promote your Instagram account too. In addition to your phone number and email address, it is advisable that you include your Instagram account details on the card. As more people get the card, the better the chances of creating an even larger followership for your Instagram account.
  • Promote it with other tools: Do you have office paraphernalia, or perhaps some giveaways? Promoting these items on Instagram is another avenue you can use to drive your followership through the roof. For instance, when you give your customers some giveaways, it promotes your brand to others who have not heard about your brand for one reason or another. It won’t do you any harm if you decide to print your Instagram account details on these items. The more of these items that get into people’s hands, the more awareness it will create for your brand. That may influence people and cause them to want to visit your page.

The combination of these tips will increase the visibility of your Instagram account drastically. Although the results may not be instant, the combination of other tips discussed in this guide and your persistence will payout in dividends in the near future.

Have a complete bio

People won’t take you seriously if your bio is incomplete. They will consider you as not serious enough to be followed. You can turn such a negative attitude around by filling in all the blanks in your profile. When filling out your bio, remember to use the most relevant hashtags and keywords to your brand, and make a link back to your brand website. While doing this, don’t be tempted to be “spammy.” If you are seen as a spammer, most Instagramers won’t welcome your idea. That will mean a loss of potential followers. The rule is to be modest in your use of keywords and hashtags.

Remember that your bio will tell the viewers more information about your brand. This underlines the importance of making it as descriptive as possible. Let your bio contain relevant and useful information that other Instagram users can use to link with your business.

Updating your bio regularly in tune with any development in your brand, such as promoting any product or service, is a good way to ensure the completeness of your bio. If your bio is filled out but lacking in the most important areas, your audience won’t find it useful. That is something that will ultimately defeat the objective of creating the account.

Add some emojis

Emojis quietly announced its arrival as the conventional means of expression on social media. The buzz surrounding it has not abated, and emojis have gained so much popularity over the years that they have become a powerful tool in the hands of expert social media users. A report by Instagram revealed that almost half of all the comments and captions on Instagram have emojis incorporated in them in order to have the right impact on other users. Here are some awesome facts about emojis that highlight their importance as a great tool for driving traffic to your account.

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  • The heart-shaped emoji (red) was announced in 2014. That year, it was used approximately 300 million times. That shows how popular it is. Due to the emotional feeling conveyed by this emoji, it is now widely used by Instagram users to attract people with similar emotions. You can use it for the same purpose on your Instagram photos as well.
  • According to a study, there are some 800 emojis around the world. Over 90% of the online community is fond of using these emojis as a form of communicating with each other regularly. When a group of people was asked about their opinion on the use and accuracy of emojis as a means of expression, a whopping 84% of the women and an impressive 75% of the men answered in the affirmative.

The most widely used emojis are the happy faces. They are accountable for 45% of the total emojis used by Americans. What does this tell you?

The implication is that using emojis with your photo is one way to play on the emotional feelings of your users. Chances are that you will find a greater number of them respond to your photo according to the sentiment expressed by the emoji you used. Therefore, just as with the use of hashtags, find a convenient and effective ways to use emojis for a similar purpose to enlarge your Instagram’s influence.

Emojis have gradually become a big deal. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to use them to your advantage because with emojis, you can express your feelings better while you are still economical with words. While you are limited to a maximum of 160 characters on Instagram and always find it difficult to express your feelings or promote your brand within that limit, using emojis is a great way to express yourself without breaking the rules.

For instance, while the words “heartbreak” will take 10 characters[WU5], a single emoji will express the same feeling and save you those extra characters that you can then put to good use. That is the secret behind the popularity of emojis over the years.

Let your caption be catchy

After you have created a marvelous image or took a good photo, it is now time to showcase your images to the ever-increasing Instagram community. That can be challenging if you are a novice to the game. You may wonder how best to draw the attention of your potential follower and retain it. Although it requires some level of expertise to get it right, one of the most important and effective tips is to write a catchy caption for any of your photos. A catchy caption can make the difference between the success of your photo or its failure. Why?

This is due to the irrefutable fact that a catchy caption will prove irresistible for a user, drawing him or her to the picture. This will improve the engagement rate of the photo as people will be drawn to the picture, liking it, or commenting on it, depending on the level of its attractiveness and how catchy the caption is. Scores of studies have shown that catchy captions to have a powerful influence on consumers and users across different social media platforms. Some online business ideas, such as blogging, thrive on attractive captions for increased followership. The rules are the same for Instagram too.

Even if your photo has no caption or has a not-too-appealing caption, it will still be viewed by users, and giving it an attractive caption will make the difference. The number of visitors who will be attracted by the caption will be more than what you will get without an appealing caption.

Writing a catchy caption is the most challenging problem for some Instagram users. Many people cringe at the thought of having to do this. The good news is that writing a catchy caption for each of your photos does not require unique skills. You only need to know the rules and apply them. Some of the rules when writing a catchy caption include making your caption light and related to your photo. Then, don’t forget the importance of using the right hashtag for each of your photos. Review the rules guiding the use of hashtags in Chapter 1 of this guide to get it done right.

It can’t be overemphasize enough, the importance of using the right caption for your pictures. It affords you the opportunity to draw attention to your post in the short-term. The long term impact includes more engagement that may eventually translate to increased conversion and the growth of your account. That will have a positive effect on your business or brand in the long run.

Remember that people are bound to engage in your photo if the caption is catchy. Some may be inclined to like the picture, tag a friend who may like it, or write meaningful comments about the photo. Others may decide to share the image too. All these can bring more viewers who may want to participate in commenting on your post. In the long run, it will get to more people than you could have convinced to join your campaign without such appealing captions.

Now think about this: How do photos go viral? Whenever a picture or a post goes viral, it is through the engagement of individuals to whom the picture speaks to. When your caption is catchy, there may be others who will feel so moved to share it. With each share, your chances of getting more value to your account increase each time a user clicks the share button. The more shares your photo can get the better result it will offer. And if you are fortunate to have a viral post, you will record unprecedented growth in your Instagram account. Your growth may hit the roof earlier than you expect.

Organize contests

Organizing contests is a brilliant way to increase your followership. When you organize a contest, you are creating awareness for your brand as more people get to know your page through the contest. That awareness will lead to increased popularity, more traffic, and a boost for your page ranking. The combination of these benefits will drive your page off the charts.

Organizing a good contest on Instagram is not challenging as some people will have you believe. You only need a good contest idea and the willingness to see it become a reality to reap the rich reward that comes with organizing one.

Since the platform has different contest options to choose from, choose the best option that will add value to your page and increase the popularity of your brand. Don’t forget that the objective is to create a huge followership that will have a direct impact on your brand and sales.

Host a like-to-win contest

The role of likes in the growth of your page cannot be overemphasized. The more likes you get during this contest, the higher your reputation will soar. There is no better way to guarantee for yourself a floodgate of likes than by hosting a like-to-win contest. The technique is very simple and highly rewarding.

You simply need to upload an image about the contest on your page and ask people to like the image to win a prize. Then pick a winner at random when the contest ends.

Some practical tips that can help you achieve success with a contest include adding related industry tags to the image to capture the attention of your audience and the Instagram community at large. In addition to the hashtags that are related to your niche, two other important tags you shouldn’t forget to include are #giveaway and #contest. These are valuable tags that will attract the community quickly. As a rule, your prize should be compelling. The result of this contest on your Instagram popularity will be awesome.

Now, let’s get this straight. A one-off contest will have little impact on your page. However, a series of such contests will build impressive momentum for you. When you organize one contest after another, you will create buzz in the Instagram community, leading to repeated visits from Instagram users. As people have multiple chances to participate and win a contest, they will stop at nothing to win. That will lead to more likes, and when people have the opportunity to make repeated visits to your page to win a contest, your traffic will soar.

As a matter of fact, people will invite their friends, family members, or associates to participate in the contest as well, due to the prize they stand to gain if they win the contest. That will draw the attention of other users who are not already following you to get wind of it and participate. The more people that can participate in the contest, the better traffic you will get. It is in your interest to make the sharing and liking of the post a prerequisite for qualification for the contest. Imagine the powerful effect that 100 shares and 100 likes would have on your account.

It is never a bad idea to show the image of your company, business, or brand in the contest as a beginner. With time, you will learn about more effective ways to leverage the contest to increase your popularity without having the image of your brand splattered throughout the contest page.

Organizing a series of contests will give you more popularity and an increased follower base. All that at a ridiculously cheap cost!

To ensure that the contest delivers, live up to your promise and give winners what you promised. That will earn you the trust and respect of the participants and others who may be interested in future campaigns. With each contest, you will see the number of entrants increasing daily. Over time, your popularity will increase astronomically while your fan base will enjoy a similar increase in size.

Another useful tip is to make the contest user-generated. The contests, where users have the freedom to generate their ideas, are usually more popular and give room for more participants. Since everybody has equal chances of creating amazing user content, it is an effective way to draw in participants from the four walls of the Instagram community.

Make your first contest a memorable one. Let it serve as the promotional campaign for your subsequent ones. If your first contest lives up to its hype, getting sufficient participants in the next one will be easy. The participants in the first contest will be in high expectation of another contest while others, who were unaware of the first contest, may be impressed and willing to participate in subsequent ones. That will help you to slowly but gradually build up your fan base. Therefore, don’t spare any effort to leave your participants with something to think of by the end of your first contest.

Launch a selfie contest

This contest is simply one of the best contests you could ever consider whenever you contemplate organizing a contest on Instagram. The reason is simple: people are passionate about taking selfies. Take advantage of that knowledge and organize a selfie contest to see people’s response.

Since you want to use the contest to drive more traffic to your page and increase your fan base, use this simple rule: Let the contestants post selfie images of themselves with your product.

With a selfie contest, you have a great shot at making good use out of social media to promote your brand beyond imagination. It will increase your engagement with other users in the community, in addition to boosting your popularity.

Even if you are not promoting a physical product, you can still make the best use of selfie contests as others selling physical products can. Trust the participants to have their selfies posted on your page in addition to some other social media platforms. Expect them to have their selfies plastered on their other social media pages. You will have a tremendous turnout from the contestants.

The beauty of this contest is that users personally generate the content themselves. You can count on the creativity of the users to come up with different and attractive pictures that will win the hearts of other followers and the community at large. The selfie contest promises to be rewarding. When announcing the winner of a contest, you can create awareness for the next contest as a way of building anticipation for it.

Organize a hashtag contest

Hashtags have become one of the most powerful communication mediums on social media. Since people are adept at using them, create a contest around them.

A hashtag contest should require the contestants to post some photos and use the right hashtags in the images. Sometimes, you need to give them the hashtag you want to use. Then go through the hashtags to choose a winner.

This contest is an excellent one for branding purposes. It can help you to get your brand out there to the Internet community. As more and more contestants participate in the contest, you will easily build a good audience.

As is the common practice, you can set the rules for participating in the contest by asking users to share the post, like your page, and tag a friend. When these are effectively combined, more people will become aware of your post and that will mean more participation and engagement. That will assure you of a good outreach for your brand.

A voting contest is good

This contest saves you time and energy. You are not the judge but the Instagram community. When you organize this contest, you can ask your followers and others to submit their best photos to a specific hashtag you create for that specific purpose.

To increase the engagement, ask other people to be the judge by voting for the best picture through comments and likes. To narrow down the effect of the contest, you can make the participants post the photo of anything related to your business.

Since the Internet community will play all the roles – participating in the contest and judging – it offers the community an excellent way to contribute to your growth. That in essence, means that more people will get involved in the contest from the beginning to the end. The likes, comments, contests, and shares will give you the best results. More people will get to know about your page, especially when contestants are required to tag their friends or share the post to qualify for the contest.

Follow other people

You are not the only one in the social community. The community survives when people “follow” one another. That keeps the cycle going. While you expect others to follow you while building your portfolio, some people have the same goal too; they want to build their accounts and have the same passion as you. Since respect is reciprocal, the unwritten rule in social media is that you follow someone who follows you. Although this is an unwritten rule, many people in the social media community have learned to respect and obey this rule. Don’t dare to be the exception.

However, the rule doesn’t stipulate that you must follow every person in the social media community. That would be excessive and contrary to your goals, but is important that you find related and appealing pages to follow.

When you follow others, like their pages and comment on them. Engage meaningfully in their posts and see the results come back on your page. It is natural for them to appreciate and return the favor. If you follow about 500 people, some hundreds of these people may decide to follow you as well. That will give them unhindered access to your new posts and thus contribute their own little quota to the growth of your page through personal engagements and contributions. You can’t underestimate the potential for growth that is hidden in your new followers.

You can get them more involved in your campaign by doing these things. Visit their pages, likes the posts that you find appealing, and leave meaningful comments whenever that is necessary. That will go a long way to establishing a good relationship between you and your followers. That’s the best way to get them involved with your brand.

Update your account regularly

Cultivating the habit of updating your account regularly is one of the most effective ways to drive your traffic up. A series of studies have shown a correlation exists between updating your posts and getting more conversion on social media sites. From LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the story remains the same.

The principle behind this is not that far-fetched. People will be attracted by relevant and up-to-date information rather than waste their time reading stale news. How would you feel if you visited someone’s page daily for about a week or two but you still found the same information throughout that time? That may kill any interest you have in the person or the brand, if it is a brand. That’s the feeling of most people.

On Instagram and elsewhere, people are captivated by fresh information everyday while they are appalled by stale information. They will always be looking forward to seeing more of your posts if you have a reputation for updating your account regularly.

Some research stipulated that the best practice is to update your page about 2 to 3 times a day. If you can do that regularly, you will gradually but consistently, build your fan base. A study conducted by Quitly [WU6]supported this assertion.

This analytics tool that is designed for analyzing social media analyzed the profiles of over 5,000 users in 2015 to determine the impact of growth in regards to the number of posts on a page. The result of the analysis shows that these Instagram accounts with impressive fan bases have a reputation for posting a minimum of two posts daily.

So, it can be concluded that the more you are committed to feeding your readers with valuable information via your photos daily, the stronger their determination will be to always check your posts for updated information about your business. Note however, that the emphasis is not on the quantity of your post but the quality. Give them a good dose of quality posts a couple of times a day and you will benefit immensely.

Rather than feed people with posts that add no value to them, and if it doesn’t add any promotional value to your business, have the mind of posting pictures that will promote your brand and will equally be attractive enough for your audience. So, you must combine quality posting with regular posting for the best results. Brands that have created the culture out of updating their accounts regularly can boast of the better results than brands that do their updating sporadically.

In imitation of Facebook, Instagram is ready to roll out another feature that will reward the regular updating of one’s account. The feature focuses on rewarding individuals that update their accounts regularly with more visibility, just as Facebook does.

If you update regularly and your posts are shared by your fans, Instagram will use the information to rank you high and on the top of your fans’ feeds. That will automatically have a tremendous effect on your user engagement and popularity.

Invite your users to tag a friend

This is another trick that can perform wonders. Have you ever thought of asking your followers to tag a friend to a particular post? Let me narrate an experience by a company that used the method effectively to drive its fan base. According to the company, “I recently got a great Instagram tip from some new local friends who helped me out with marketing a non-profit food tasting event. They shared a food photo from a past event and asked their 11,000 followers to comment and tag a friend they wanted to attend with. The response was awesome, and exposed our event to a lot of people who wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise.”

You can do the same. Now, you can get the best opportunity to promote your brand with this simple but highly effective tip. How does it work?

Let’s assume you have just 100 followers. Asking each of them to tag a friend will give you some results, perhaps 70 or 80%. If 80 people decide to tag a friend each, that will be another 80 viewers. What happens if those tagged decide to extend the game by tagging others who they feel your post will be useful for? Over time, many people will become aware of your account. Depending on how frequently you update your account and the quality of your post, you will gain a lot popularity in a short time.

Using this method effectively is very easy. The success lies in your personal commitment to the cause. It is important to constantly share captivating and beautiful photos that will be easily noticed and that can compel them to act. That will assure you the constant visiting of your followers.

Cross-promote your page

The Internet has an abundance of social media platforms. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, not to mention several others. Although this book is directed towards Instagram, it can also be used in conjunction with other platforms to promote your brand and increase your business awareness.

You can leverage the billions of users on these platforms to create awareness for your brand by promoting your Instagram photos on other platforms. By sharing your photos on the other platforms, you expand your horizon and give better room for your brand to be more visible to others outside of Instagram. For instance, if you have a highly engaging post on your Instagram account, it is beneficial to share such photos on Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

While Instagram alone can boast of giving you some millions of users, the combination of these platforms will give you exposure to billions of users from all walks of life. There is the tendency that the more your photos are shared across these platforms, the more people that will get to know about you. What’s more? People who find your photos valuable to them may also assist you by sharing your photos. That will contribute to the growth of your Instagram followership in a big way. This offers you the needed exposure at no cost.

The free exposure offered by these people and platforms will boost your chances of getting the desired popularity, especially if your photos meet the basic requirements: good quality and attractive.

In addition to sharing your Instagram posts on these platforms, you can take advantage of another feature Facebook has. The social media giant creates room for Instagram users to embed some of their Instagram posts on their Facebook pages. What does that mean for you? Depending on your activity on the platform, you can enjoy unprecedented popularity due to the larger number of users on Facebook, compared to other platforms.

You can also take your cross-promoting to your blog too. If you have a blog, that is another platform that can increase your popularity faster than you can ever imagine. You can devote a section of your blog to your Instagram activities or embed a couple of your Instagram posts into some relevant posts to further your cause.

It is crucial to your success that you understand the importance of having good traffic on your blog before you can derive the rewards. That will facilitate your Instagram growth rate.

Don’t forget to create awareness about the existence of your Instagram page on other social media platforms where you have a valid account. Post a link to your account on all of these platforms and see the positive results that it will generate.

A couple of years ago, Buzzsumo conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of promoting an Instagram account on different platforms on the growth rate of the account. What was the result?

After studying more than 1 billion Facebook posts belonging to over 3 million Facebook users, the company came to the conclusion that the engagement rate of an image increased if it was posted to Facebook via Instagram than if it is posted directly onto Facebook. The implication is that you can are guaranteed more success with the Instagram account if you promote your photos across multiple platforms. This is good news if you are contemplating widening out with Facebook and other platforms.

Don’t forget however, that people won’t be interested in following you if your account is inactive or has little content to offer. You will defeat your cross-promotion goal if you don’t meet these basic requirements.

Use paid promotion

Due to the constant upgrading done by most social media sites to provide the best for the users, Instagram too decided to tow the path of Facebook by adding another feature: Instagram ads. This is a convenient way to promote your business on the social media site by paying a small fee to the platform.

There are many third party tools that are incorporated into Instagram to make promoting your brand as convenient as possible. That will give you a unique opportunity to extend your coverage beyond what your little efforts can achieve.

The secret to the success of this idea lies in the understanding of the target audience by the social media site. When you run paid ads on Instagram, the platform will take it upon itself to promote your posts to the right audience that will appreciate it more.

For instance, if your business is technology related, chances are that your audience will be teenagers and some other age group between 20 and 50 years of age. If you personally decide to promote your posts, you may find it challenging to personally reach out to these individuals due to many restrictive factors. However, Instagram has the right algorithm to target such people so that your conversion will increase.

This is reassuring because the success of your Instagram account depends on how much people can see it. So, paid ads offer you the perfect platform to achieve your dream without bothering about how far you can go. Instagram will handle that. Therefore, if you have the financial power, you can achieve your dream of rapid Instagram growth with paid promotion. The results will justify the costs.

When highlighting the significance of Instagram ads to the success of an Instagram account Courtlandt McQuire, the president of Green Advertising & Vidpop Productions, said, “Previously, the only way to get exposure on Instagram was to find individuals with a huge following to promote your product or service. This was a lengthy and expensive process that usually didn’t pan out. Now, however, with Facebook’s data and platform injected into the tight knit Instagram network, I think we can expect higher conversions yielding higher advertising earnings.”

When corroborating this the founder of Amanda Vega Consulting Inc, Armanda Vega, said, “Instagram will give small businesses an opportunity to capture market share in areas where they can’t compete in the traditional space due to budget constraints.” She continued to say, “In Instagram, much like with all social networks, the agility that small businesses have that larger brands don’t gives them a huge advantage. For instance, whereas a large company would have to get 10 layers of approval on one photo and its message before posting it to Instagram, small-business owners can move much more quickly, because their ad creation process has less constraints.”

Some years back, a digital brand called Digital Brand Effect conducted a study with the objective of measuring the impact of Instagram paid Ads on an Instagram page’s growth. To make the study comprehensive with a reliable outcome, 400 different campaigns on Instagram were studied. The result of the research showed that you can triple your chances of growth when you run Ads. It is said that they are the most result-oriented ads on the platform. That should reassure you that running promotional ads is never a waste of time or money. Rather, it is a judicious use of both.

While it is true that paid promotion is not free, it is a wise way to spend your money due to the promise of the increased coverage it promises. You won’t regret the decision you make if you decide to give this a shot. It will prove to be a shrewd investment in the long run. So, it will be beneficial and financially rewarding in the long run if you can spare a few buck to run Ads.

Co-promote with other users

There are probably some other users in your line of business. You can reach out to such brands, if the brand has a good number of followers, and co-promote your brands. That involves both of you shouting out to each other. If you can do this, you will find it mutually beneficial for both of you because it will lead to increased awareness for both of you. You will take advantage of the other party’s followership to increase your followership while the other party benefits from yours.

Reciprocate their like gesture

How do you feel when people like your posts? Fine, right? That’s cool. It shows that your post has a positive effect on them. It engages them and they express their feelings by liking your post. Is that all? No.

You can reciprocate this gesture by liking their photos too. Why? There is an amazing power in the sharing culture as it offers mutual benefits for both of you.

While the poster benefits from the like as it offers some values to his or her post, you benefit because the poster may return the gesture by liking your photos. If you extend this gesture to most of your followers, chances are that most of them will appreciate it. That will impact your relationship with them since they will want to keep your friendship. This simple gesture will guarantee you tons of loyal followers in no time.

One of the biggest proponents of this culture is Neil Patel. He is a renowned blogger and influential social media expert who is an authority on marketing. In an experiment to determine the potential power of liking other people’s photos on traffic, he liked some photos of his followers at random to see the result.

According to this social media guru, for every 100 pictures he liked, he gained 22 likes in return and 6 more followers. He concluded the report with this statement, “Because I was liking (sic) hundreds of photos a day from random accounts that I didn’t follow, 43.26% of all my likes and 31% of all comments on my photos came from people who weren’t my followers.”

It is within my jurisdiction to make some assumptions. He wouldn’t have achieved the result if he had not taken the time to go through his followers’ posts and engage with them. That paved way for him to achieve much within that time period.

So, get out of your shell and mingle with your followers. Like their pictures and see the effect it has on your page. Imagine how many new followers you can get in a year if you gain 6 new followers for each 100 likes you make.  Remember, an ocean is made of little drops of water.

Use the high-quality images

I have indirectly spoken about the importance of using high-quality images a couple of times already. Now, let me address this issue further.

Instagram was originally designed as a photo sharing platform. It has thrived on that principle since its establishment. You are a user of the platform because you want to see high-quality images from different users. That’s fine. To support the desire of others who have a similar goal, it is a course of wisdom to feed them with images of the best quality.

On Instagram, people are judged by the quality of their images, just as people use the quality of someone’s posts on Facebook as a yardstick for measuring and judging him. If you have the habit of uploading low-quality images, you can’t draw attention to your posts. There are millions of people on this platform who are struggling to top the search. They are ready to do anything possible to achieve their goals, including using the best images possible. How can you compete with and win those people over if you can’t provide the best images? That’s impossible.

When posting photos to your Instagram, bear the following in mind:

  • Use the right color: According to an online source, the color blue should be the dominant color of your image. The source claims that images with this as the dominant color record a 24% better performance rate than their counterparts with orange and red as the dominant color. When you use this color, you can expect an impressive response from people.
  • Use bright images:People consider blurry images as off putting. On the other hand, bright images are appreciated and can lead to a better engagement. The study recommends using bright images has the potential to outperform others by a whopping 24% in performance.

Apart from the need to ward off competition, you have the attention of other users to consider. In the midst of good images, I doubt if users will be interested in your blurry images. They would rather move on to the next brand with the most attractive images than waste their time with your bad ones. The social media community is occupied by people with zero tolerance for below par performance, bad images included.

On the other hand, a bright and high-quality image will catch their attention and give them reasons to come back to your page to view more images that will portray your brand as a serious and result-oriented company. If first impressions truly do last forever, the quality of your images will make or break your relationship with any first-time visitor on your site. If the visitors are not satisfied with your images, you can bid farewell to that relationship.

Your page will bear the unpleasant brunt of such actions. Imagine what your response will be if you walk into a restaurant only to be presented with the worst looking food. That’s exactly how any potential follower will react to your bad pictures.

Oh, you have an excuse. You are not a photographer. That’s cool. You have a good excuse. But, that excuse won’t hold water in the court of public opinion. Why? Most Instagram users have no photography skills. Yet, they churn out millions of attractive photos daily. How do they do this?

You have two options here: hire a photographer for shooting your photos or take a DIY tutorial on YouTube on how to turn a simple picture into an amazing one. So, don’t limit yourself by what you can’t do. Take advantage of the abundant opportunities the Internet offers you for self-development. With tons of valuable resources, you will gradually master the art of creating appealing images that will boost your page, drawing amazing traffic to the page daily. With a good knowledge of Photoshop and Corel Draw, you can overcome the challenge of poor images and have something attractive and valuable to offer people in exchange for their followership.

Well, if you are the busy type with no time to take any lessons, there are other professional photographers or photo editors that can help you turn around the quality of your photos and give your audience what they deserve: high-quality images that will attract their attention.

Most freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Freelancer have many professionals that you can hire. Their professional touches are all that you need to rank among the best account owners on Instagram.

If you are doubting the positive impact of using the right image, consider this piece of advice from the CEO of Curalate, Apu Gupta, “By making a few small tweaks, brands looking to connect with consumers on visual sites like Instagram can see their engagement skyrocket, resulting in increased customer loyalty and more importantly, sales.”

Use your Facebook friend list effectively

In addition to cross-promoting your photos on Facebook, you can leverage another important features of the platform. It is safe to assume that you have a long list of friends on Facebook (unless you are someone like me with a few hundred friends). If you do, you are leaving a gold mine on your table if you limit your relationship with them to Facebook alone. Well, you don’t need to feel bad about that. Most people are also guilty of the same problem due to ignorance. You should address that problem as soon as you can.

Using your Facebook friend list to increase your Instagram popularity follows a very simple, but effective principle: Convert your Facebook friends to your Instagram followers. Do you think that is impossible or difficult? If you have a genuine concern about this tip because you haven’t come across it, the process of conversion is very simple and easy to follow. This is how to do it:

  • On your Instagram page, there is a love symbol in the upper right hand side, click it. That will release a pull down menu containing a list of those on your friends list.
  • Your friends with Instagram pages will have their page ID beside their names.
  • Follow each of these friends. They will naturally follow you back since you already have your friendship established on Facebook.
  • If you follow all of them, a good percentage of those Facebook friends will respond positively, leading to a gradual increase in your Instagram followership.

Be engaging

Instagram works like any other social media network. On these platforms, engagement is a good tool for establishing a good relationship with other users, get more fans or followers, and gradually build your profile. On Instagram, engagement is a crucial tool needed for an increased fan base. The more you are committed to engaging with others on the platform, the more people will appreciate you.

In addition to liking your followers’ photos, follow them and leave meaningful comments on their photos. If you cultivate the habit of engaging regularly with your followers, it will cement your relationship with them.

One of the living testimonies in the power of engaging with one’s audience is Wahl. Through the use of different means of engagement, the company was able to generate more than a 4,300% increase in engagement in less than a year. You can achieve that much if you take engagement seriously, and see it as an effective strategy that can offer you a good return for your time and efforts.

Use videos to drive more traffic

At the initial launch, Instagram did not have a video-sharing feature like other social media platforms. Back then, it was a huge setback for the platform as people were taking advantage of the video-sharing ability of its contemporaries to drive more traffic to those two. That clearly had a negative impact on the popularity of Instagram at the time.

It wasn’t long before Instagram decided to jump on the bandwagon by introducing its video-sharing capability to make the platform on par with its contemporaries. The rest is history. With this new feature, you can upload some short videos about your brand on your Instagram page to attract more visitors to your page. You can win the hearts of many people with good images and other attractive features. If you can introduce that it will go a long way in convincing many people to follow your account for the latest videos.

Don’t forget the impact videos have on people. It has so much impact that it is regarded as one of the best and most effective ways to convey your feelings to people to get their attention. Some statistics have proven this to be true. Let me share some with you.

  • According to research, “statistical research revealed that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than their counterparts [Internet Retailer], and retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer, on average, and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors [Comscore]. Comscore also tells us that video consumption has gone up more than 800% in the last six years alone.” That’s the point.

There is an increasing quest for more videos by online consumers, and it won’t be out of place if you leverage that hunger to increase your fan base with some brand-oriented videos that summarize what your brand is all about.

Some other benefits of including videos in your page include:

  • High search engine ranking:Some studies show that the top 100 searches on search engines are video related. The implication is that more people are searching for videos than other forms of content. They seem to feel at ease and at home with videos.
  • Make people stay longer on your page: Your followers will spend more time on your page if you have valuable and informative videos for them. The more they spend on your page, the more their appreciation for your page will increase. That will ultimately lead to a better engagement that may contribute to your growth in the future.
  • Increased level of trust:When you include real people in your videos, this boosts people’s trust in your brand. This is particularly the case if these real people are connected with your business. Nobody is interested in fictional names and places when a business or brand is involved. So, you have a good chance at increasing your followership if you can put efforts into giving your followers some high-quality videos to watch.
  • You can reach your target audience:Since Instagram makes no provisions for you to add extra information to your photos, you can improvise. With the help of videos, you can do a short narrative that will contain useful information about your brand. Through such information, potential clients or customers will contact you. That will help increase the number of your Instagram followers and simultaneously lead to more patronage for your brand.

A typical example of the power of using video for increasing engagement is demonstrated by the sportswear giant, Nike. The giant had a 200% rise in its Instagram following by using videos to increase its follower base from 4 million to 12 million in just 5 months according to a report by AdWeek. One of the videos generated over 580,000 likes and approximately 13,000 comments.

That shows the powerful impact that a good video can have on your account. You should take advantage of this opportunity too.

You can still use the video to better promote your business, especially if you have a blog or website. You should embed your Instagram video on your website or blog for improved reach.

That will give your Instagram profile a boost and may lead to an increased follower base and extend the reach of your Instagram content.

Adding video to your Instagram page is a convenient way to make the best use of Instagram despite its shortcomings. As a rule of thumb, your video should be of the best quality and focused on promoting your brand. That is the only way that getting the best results from such practice is guaranteed. If you have any reservations about incorporating videos into your Instagram marketing strategy, you should do away with such mindsets and adopt a more positive one.

Raise your audiences’ curiosity

If you are a movie lover, you will attest to the power of movie thrillers. A trailer for a movie will whet your appetite, creating huge curiosity that will keep you waiting anxiously for the release date. It has been used as an effective marketing tool by expert movie marketers. You can adopt the same style while building your Instagram page.

If you have a new product you are developing or have a new brand you want to promote, you can take some pictures of the product and post it on your Instagram. Then, post the link to the page on the picture so that other users can easily see the link and visit your web page. That is a good way to create curiosity in your followers. Naturally, they will want to satisfy their curiosity by viewing your page. If they are satisfied, they can invite others to view the page too. That will automatically mean more likes, comments, and followers.

Make your post at the right time

You obviously share photos on Instagram for a reason: to get to as many viewers as possible. Since the success of your page depends on the reach of your posts, it is important that you leave no stone unturned.

One of the most effective techniques for far-reaching posts includes making your post at the most appropriate time when most users will be active and can show their appreciation for the post through their likes and comments. If you don’t post at the right time, your best efforts may be meaningless if there are no viewers to view them.  That highlights the importance of posting at the most appropriate time for your readers and not for you. Posting at your convenience may rob you of the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience.

For instance, knowing who forms the bulk of your audience is crucial to knowing the right time to post. Are your posts meant for singles or the elderly? Are they for work-at-homes or 9-to-5ers? Are they meant for athletes or regular readers? When you have a good answer to these questions, you will have a good idea of when the most appropriate posting time that offers the best conversion and reader engagement would be.

If the regular workers form the larger chunk of your readers, updating your post around 10 am won’t have the same effect as making the updates later in the evening or during the weekends. This is because they have a higher likelihood of being busy at work than having time for checking in on their Instagram pages.

You also need to factor in the time zone of your audience. The importance of taking this step is the possibility of losing some of your potential followers to time zone differences. To be successful with this, it is imperative that you know the time zone that a greater part of your followers fall into. If your local time is 2pm and your audience is asleep at that time, how engaging can they be? Their inactivity at that period will bear on their response to your posts because a good number of them may not see your updates, and that will mean losing some of your passionate readers.

So, you must make a frantic effort to consider their time zone and update your page when it will be more convenient for your audience to see your updates and engage in them.

Don’t forget to factor in these factors whenever you have any informative posts for your audience. The effort will be richly rewarded when your posts lead to increased followers and more engagement.

Use sponsored posts

While you are still struggling to build your portfolio and audience, some experienced users already have a huge, marketable followership that you can leverage to help boost yours.

To take advantage of this marketing strategy, find Instagram accounts that are large enough with the potential for giving you the best exposure. Make sure that the account already focuses on your brand and demographic. When you have seen one, contact the owner and offer to pay for some posts on his or her page. That’s the best way to benefit from this marketing strategy.

Although this technique will cost you some bucks, it will offer you an impressive return on investment. It is also considered in some quarters to have the cheapest cost per thousands of impressions by brands that have used the strategy in the past. How do you identify accounts that accept paid posts?

The rule is simple. Most of the accounts built for that purpose usually have the email of the account owner in the bio. You may also see a useful tip like “You can contact me for business.” That’s the green light. Hit the owner’s email with your inquiries. The account owner will surely get back to you. You can proceed from there.

If you eventually find an account that meets your specifications, go through the account’s posts. This will give you an overall idea of what you need to do to derive the maximum benefit from the account. This may involve checking the style of photos with the most engagement so that you can factor that in when preparing your post.

The power of paid ads is demonstrated by the experience of a fashion house that decided to tow that path. The result was impressive. Nitrogram, an Instagram analytics platform, shed more light on this. According to the platform, “Michael Kors’s paid post was liked by 217,700 users–an increase of 360% (on average, an unsponsored post by Michael Kors would receive around 46,000 likes). Ultimately, the ad potentially reached 6.15 million people worldwide–and garnered the design company 33,985 new followers.”

The first figure was within the first 18 hours of using the paid ads. Imagine having the potential to have thousands of likes and reach with simple paid Ads. It is a gold mine that you should go out of your way to give a shot.

Partner with Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are the Instagram equivalent of entertainment celebrities. They wield so much power and influence that their input may turn around the fate of your Instagram account.

There are influencers in practically every niche you can think of. It is estimated that the platform has over 400,000 active influencers on different niches, from beauty, fashion, wellness, and health. They are also into food and entertainment and any other category you can think of.

Their opinions are respected on the platform and they have gained the trust of their followers which makes it possible for them to influence the opinions, taste, and values of their mammoth followers.

If you partner with such influencers, it is a good way to give your Instagram the lifeline it needs. If they promote your brand, rest assured that you can reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of active Instagram users within a month. Do you doubt that? If you do, let me cite just two examples of the powerful impact these influencers have on brands:

  1. Birchbox is a beauty company. Out of the desire of the company to meet the needs of its Instagram followers so that they can offer their followers the best grooming tools, the company decided to go into partnership with some popular beauty influencers on Instagram.

The company contacted Emily Schuman, a reputable lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer, to work out the best way to meet the needs of Birchbox’s huge followers. What was the result? With just five Instagram photos, the partnership earned Birchbox more than 18,000 likes and over 550,000 consumers.

  1. When Madewell partnered with Instagram influencers to promote its signature tote during their anniversary with the #TOTEWELL campaign, the company never bargained for what it got.

Post on Sundays

Studies have shown that Sunday is the best day of the week to post on your Instagram page. According to the studies, it is the day of the week when few people bother to update their Instagram page. That gives you a loophole you can exploit to increase your brand awareness. This is because you have better chances of getting known if you are among the few people that decide to update their accounts on that day of the week.

In a report by The Fortune 500 regarding Instagram, after considering engagement, and posting strategies, it was shown that you can have increased engagement on Sundays.

Making reference to the report, Tripp Brockway arrived at this conclusion: “In fact, Fortune 500 brands dramatically favor the 9 a.m. through 9 p.m. ET timeframe for Instagram posting. In fact, 88 percent of Fortune 500 Instagram photos are posted within this 12-hour window. The least popular time to post among Fortune 500 brands is between midnight and 8 a.m. ET. Less than 1 percent of Fortune 500 Instagram posts are published in each hour within the midnight to 8 a.m. ET timeframe. Keep in mind that if posting were uniform throughout the day, each hour would see an even 4.17 percent of total Fortune 500 Instagram posts.”

Why don’t you plan your posts to Sunday so that you can explore this opportunity for improved conversions and engagement?

Update your page at 2 am or 5 pm

While Sunday remains the best day of the week to update your account, you can still make your posts during the week and ensure maximum engagement if you know the best time during the day to update your account.

Some years ago, The Huffington Post made a request to Latergramme to find out the best time of the day to post. Lategramme granted this request and conducted a study with more than 61,000 posts to determine the best time for the best engagement.

The team of researchers found that 2 am and 5 pm were the best times of the day to post if you want to catch the attention of your followers. That’s when you are guaranteed to get the most comments and “likes.” According to the research, the times that you should always avoid are 9 am and 6 pm.

According to the founder of Latergramme, Matt Smith, the assumption is that less people are posting at 2 am and 5 pm, while more engaged users find those moments the best time to use the platform.

Pay more attention to quality

It is pointless to have tons of posts that are of little relevance to your brand. Your followers won’t find it easy to check through a gallery of valueless posts. That will turn them off. The best shot at retaining their followership is to pay more attention to quality rather than quantity.

Go through your gallery and delete all images that have little or no relevance to your brand. Don’t hesitate to remove poor-quality images too. The more you prune your account into something more reasonable and valuable, the more appreciation you can gain from your audience, as that will have a positive impact on your relationship with them. This is how to gain more followers and retain the existing ones.

Many brands have successfully used these tips to build an empire consisting of millions of followers on Instagram. The examples of these brands have provided a template that you can use to build up your audience too.

You only need to study the templates and see how you can adopt their techniques to suit your needs. That will give you something worthwhile to motivate you to never relent in your effort to build a huge following.

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