Top Instagram post ideas you must know


Top Instagram post ideas you must know

If you are in charge of your brand’s Instagram account, you have to make some crucial decisions everyday on how to make the account functional and deliver on its promises. One of your greatest challenges may be how to generate good and captivating content on Instagram regularly in order to sustain the interest of the company’s followers.

This may lead to what is generally known as creative block, a situation where you run out of post ideas. You need some creative thinking to get out of such block whenever you have to contend with it. What tips can help boost your creativity? I will help you overcome this creative block, and give you some creative ways to keep your Instagram account active and attractive.

  1. Show your audience your daily operations

Behind-the-scenes posts are some of the ideas you will come up if you want new methods that will keep your account up and running. If you want your content to be unique and highly engaging, you can entice your audience with creative behind-the-scene posts that will give them a sense of pleasure.

Series of studies have shown that people are always curious about the operation of companies, and they want some content that will give them a glimpse behind-the-scenes.

When creating this content, your follower’s satisfaction should be paramount to you. Therefore, you can achieve that by focusing your attention on special happenings around your brand. Perhaps you have a company event that will be informative, or a retreat with a powerful message for your audience that will make a good read for your followers. You can even post something crazy about your staff to generate impressions.

You can trigger their curiosity by giving them unique content from your company or brand. That is a good way to leverage the power of Instagram to give your audience a glimpse into what your company is all about. The so-called boring companies make something out of their brand by creating excitement around it. What is stopping you from using the same technique to gain more followers?

  1. Try a collage of images for your brand profile

Instagram users are a bunch. They work contrary to the cliché that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. They do, without considering a single page. What does this imply?  Rather than focusing on your pages and abandoning your profile, you should give equal attention to both.

Although most people give little attention to their profile, it remains the one-stop spot where your audience can have comprehensive information about your brand. It is also the only section of your account where your followers can have access to the most important campaign tool at your disposal: links to your website.

Collage images also allow your visitors to have a good view of your videos and images, a powerful tool you’ll want to leverage to get the attention of your potential followers. When you do a full image collage of your images, such as Reynold’s Wrap or a color theme, you will have a better chance to gain more followers through an increased appreciation for your profile due to the weight of its content.

If you can follow this idea, you won’t run out of content for a couple of weeks. Your followers will appreciate that.

  1. Tell your audience the story behind the image

Perhaps you have some awesome video or image you want to share with your audience. That’s fine. You can go ahead with it. What about a piece that is not that awesome but has a crazy story behind it? You can make a post of that too. However, you must do something extraordinary to make boring content attractive to your audience.

On Instagram, it is not an uncommon sight to see users polish their images with amazing stories to create an attractive mental picture of what the image can’t explain. The goal is to move their followers with powerful stories that will enhance the impact of the image so that the audience will better appreciate the image.

As a brand, you can equally use a similar method to move your audience to action. With the right story, you can show your audience with the story behind the image.

The most practical step is to use the story to tell them why the image is important and the importance of the image to your brand. When you can successfully establish a connection between the image and your brand, people’s appreciation for the image will increase. That will have a positive and perfect impact on them. You only have to make the story have the ideal qualities. It must be catchy, informative, and engaging. That is how to get your audience moved.

  1. Show your audience another angle of your product

Your brand is identified with your product. And that is the distinction between your company and your competitors. It is your signature. So, what stops you from using Instagram to give your brand good coverage, showcasing your product to the Instagram world?

Here is what creative skills are needed. Find a creative way to sell your brand to Instagram users by giving them some of the ways your brand can help them achieve a particular goal. If you sell weight loss supplements, showing images of an individual who used your product to lose some extra pounds of flesh will leave a lasting impression in their minds. It will show them how your product can help them realize their dreams. They won’t soon forget that.

When you give the Instagramers creative content and help them see how people from all walks of life can benefit from your product, you will end up convincing a good number of people to patronize your company.

  1. Include faces

People are known for their love for faces. This underscores the reasons why most advertising agencies use faces for their advertisement than any other part of the body. Even when promoting a product or service, the face is always the trusted advertising tool.

Dan Zabella, of HubSpot, stated that images with faces have 35% more success than images without them.

You should factor in this fact when thinking of creating a post that will be accepted by the Instagram world. Whether it’s a selfie of you representing your brand, or a face of one of your employees holding your product, make sure that you include a face in your post whenever you believe that is absolutely necessary to make the right impact on your audience.

  1. Promote your audience’s user-generated content

Social media is benefiting greatly from user-generated content. This type of content has grown astronomically, becoming one of the most reliable sources of content in the social media world. For instance, users keep Facebook running. Why? Facebook users generate the content that keeps the social media site alive. Through their posts, video sharing, images, and memes, user-generated content is the life blood of Facebook. This is just a single example of how powerful user-generated content can be.

The story is the same on Instagram. It is now becoming common practice among brands to rely on the power of user-generated content to give their brands a boost. They count on this type of content to promote their brands, services, or products through the contribution of their followers. Is that a wise decision?

Social Annex conducted a study to see how influential user-generated content on the success of a brand is. According to the report, brands that use content on Facebook and Instagram see their conversion rate increase by as much as 50% better than branded images. That is an amazing impact. Some companies only use this content for promoting their products.

It is an undisputable fact that user-generated content has come to stay. It is one of the many effective strategies to move Instagram users to be aware of your brand and be committed to your cause. Aside from the engagement and interaction offered by UGC, it is a free promotion technique you can use to get your content out to a larger audience.

Some brands like Anthropologie, Barbox, GoPro, Adobe, and some others have used user-generated content to boost their coverage and that has resulted in increased recognition for their brands.

  1. Promote positivity

One of your responsibilities as a brand is to ensure there is a smooth communication between you and your customers. You must protect your relationship jealously. There is a simple reason why this is important. A report by Sprout Social in 2016 showed that people have a 75% probability of sharing interactions with the brands they patronize on social media.

This far outweighs the meager 12.8% probability that they won’t. So, the odds are in favor of you having a good interaction with your customers. This is the reason why that mindset should move you to consider practical ways to make your content leave a positive impression on the minds of your audience. It will have a negative impact on your image if you use your content to erect a pillar between your audience and you. On the contrary, promoting a positive idea or message will promote your brand well.

That will make your audience have a sense of comfort as they derive encouragement and empowerment by your message. That will give you a good chance of gaining more followers as your positive mindset rubs off on them, and you move them to action. If you do it properly, having a positive mindset, and reflecting that in your content, will take your brand to the next level.

  1. Incorporate informative throwbacks

Instagram has some popular throwbacks. Two of the most popular of them all are Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday. These are special throwbacks that have enjoyed a lot popularity online. However, you can dare to be different by taking the throwback to another level entirely. You can use a flashback to give your audience a detailed history lesson detailing your brand from the beginning to the present. If you tell your history in an amazing and attractive way, you can use it to effectively promote your content. People appreciate history and you will see the impact of such history on your page. Your uniqueness will stand out of the pack.

And don’t use your brand age as an excuse for ignoring this opportunity. You don’t need to be a veteran in the business before you can leverage this idea. It is for all brands, irrespective of their years of existence.

The baseball team, Cincinnati Reds, have perfected the art of using history to trigger their fans’ excitement and nostalgia, especially when the team is on a break. You can learn a great deal from it.

  1. Promote a new product with teasers

Promoting any new product with teasers is a very smart move that will give you good dividends. This is because it is important to hype a new product before it hits the market. The hype about the product will trigger curiosity. As a result, people’s response to the product upon release will hit the roof.

It is good news that Instagram does not leave brands along at sea when looking for ways to make the best use of teasers. Rather, the platform has whatever you need to create awareness for your new product with teasers.

Your teasers may come in form of videos or images. Either of the two will deliver good results depending on how well you know how to get the best from them.

Some years ago, Netflix was working towards the release of a show, the Santa Clarita Diet. As a way of promoting this show without spending a fortune on an advertising campaign, the company released a good number of teasers about it. The teasers inspired a lot of consumers to develop interest in the show.

Netflix is just one of the several companies that have taken advantage of small teasers to win the interest of some Instagram users in the past. You can borrow a leaf from them and create arousing interest that will stoke the Instagram community on your product. Whet people’s appetite and they will be prepped to develop a craving for the product before it eventually hits the market space.

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