What you can learn from well-followed Instagram accounts

What you can learn from well-followed Instagram accounts - image adidas-instagram-profile on https://trunk.ly

What you can learn from well-followed Instagram accounts

The world of social media is growing at an alarming rate and fortunately, Instagram is considered the fastest-growing social media platform with hundreds of millions of active users.

Most Instagram users have a handful of followers while some Instagram users can boast of tens of millions of followers. That is both awe-inspiring and proof that you can build your leadership to a great reach if you have the drive to make it happen.

However, if you think the list is made up of A-list celebrities only, you are in for a big surprise.


Starbucks is one of the most followed brands on Instagram. The coffee company boasts of over 15 million followers, and is considered one of the best coffee-making companies in the world. What is the secret behind this greatness?

A visit to their official Instagram page will give you an idea of the secret behind their success. The company amassed millions of followers by leveraging the UGC feature of Instagram.  The images used by Starbucks are generated by the followers themselves.

The company is a perfect example of how to use user-generated content to drive traffic. This gives the users good control over the content they see.

Tagline: “Starbucks Coffee inspiring and nurturing the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Red Bull

The official Instagram page of Red Bull shows that the company is very popular among the athletic type. The company has over 7.6 million Instagram followers and the figure is expected to keep rising.

The success of Red Bull is reflected in the variety of images the company posts. The company posts amazing pictures of sports people in action doing a wide range of activities from surfing to snowboarding, or any other type of sport you can imagine.

Adidas Original

With almost 22 million followers, this company has learned and mastered the art of using Instagram to drive its followership.

Tagline: Original is never finished.

While the official Adidas website contains pictures of only shoes, this Instagram page contains images of people wearing different athletic footwear engaging in a wide variety of activities.

This has attracted the attention of people from around the world, and has also resulted in increased followership for the company.


The five BEST cornerbacks in football? 🤔 Take your pick.

A post shared by NFL (@nfl) on

This is the official Instagram page of the NFL as stated in the account tagline. The NFL has a little below 10 million active followers.

The NFL considers its followers as a part of their family and treats the followers with high-quality images of high-tempo actions gathered from games played in different locations around the country.

It also uses the behind-the-scenes concept very well by implementing tons of well-taken vintage football pictures.

These are just a handful of the tons of brands that have succeeded in using Instagram for their benefit. The successes of these companies should be sufficient to convince you of the power of Instagram as a social media site and social marketing platform.

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