How to create the best Instagram bio for your business

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How to create the best Instagram bio for your business

Your Instagram bio is an integral part of your Instagram CV that you shouldn’t joke around about.  It plays a crucial role to your success.

It is quite unfortunate that Instagram offers users limited space to operate and grab people’s attention. Yet, the bio provides you with the only avenue for adding links that can be used to direct your followers to your brand’s website.

That puts the emphasis on maximizing the opportunities offered by the bio. To make the best use of your Instagram bio, you must consider some useful tips. If you get it right, the impact will be huge. If your bio lacks the basic ingredients for attracting followers, your Instagram account will be worth less than the time you spent to create it.

What you do with the bio section should reflect on the nature and readiness of your brand to take the Instagram community by surprise. With the right tools and tips, your bio will stand out from the pack.

I will take you through how to write attractive and informative Instagram bio that will aptly represent your brand and prove to be invaluable to its success. What should you expect from your Instagram bio? Consider these:

  • It must convey what your business is all about. Your bio should give your followers an idea about what your brand is all about.
  • Indicate how a customer can contact you for business transactions:The goal is to grow your business. If the contact section of the bio is omitted, how will consumers contact you for business?
  • It should also showcase the company’s personality: Everything that your brand stands for should be represented by your photos. If you specialize in any field, don’t forget to include that in the bio section too. This is a matter of urgency.
  • Prompt your customer to take prompt action:Your bio should prompt your customer to ask about your company, and an effective call-to-action will do just that.

Any bio that fails to have this attribute may not have the desired impact on customers. Your bio should have so much influence on your customers that they will be moved to take action.

How do you intend to accomplish these? You need to tweak your bio profile here and there with some practical tips.

Before tweaking your Instagram bio, it is important to know the components of your bio so that you can identify which part of the bio needs to be changed.

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  • Profile photo

One of the most important components of your profile page is the profile photo. As a company, you need it to be relevant to your brand, perhaps your logo. A product picture can also be used as your profile photo.  Whatever your choice is, make sure that your profile photo has these features:

  • It must be a high-quality image.
  • Must represent your company.
  • Name and username

Your name and username provides valuable information that other users can use to identify you. It will also be used for the tagging purposes by other users. Instagram ensures that your name and username appear at the top of your profile page for easy identification, and they are usually in bold.

It is important that the information you provide here is accurate and carefully entered because it is the only way you can be searched when using the Instagram search feature.

  • Bio

With just 150 characters, you have to sum up your brand or company here. It is where you have the best opportunity to get customers to take action. That makes it a matter of utmost urgency to make sure that it represents your brand to the best of your ability.

  • Website

This is the only portion of Instagram that is designed for users to enter their URL. If you can’t make the best use of this feature, your Instagram campaigns will be rendered useless at best. Use the website section wisely and give your prospective customer a direct link to your website. This is the main objective of setting up an Instagram account to begin with.

  • Category

If you have a business account, you can use this option to tie your Instagram page with your Facebook page. It provides you with the best opportunity to indicate what your brand is all about. Is it a restaurant? A fashion company? This is the section where you specify that.

  • Call-to-Action

This is a new addition to the Instagram bio, especially for brands running business accounts. Prior to the addition of this feature, companies had no option than to write their email and location address to assist customers who wanted to find them.

You only have access to these functions if you have the mobile app version, and not the web version. To access these buttons on your mobile app, click Edit Profile and then select Contact Options. If you can’t find the fields, check your account type. You need a business account to enable them.

  • Email

When you add a valid email address into the email section, an email button will be automatically generated on your profile. You will find this button under the rest of the information. Whenever a customer clicks the email button, the app will ask you to open your mobile phone’s default email app.

  • Call

Adding your business phone number is another beautiful way to give your audience the best contact information. Clicking the app will prompt the user to make a direct call to your company.

Profile designs

You can employ your creativity to make the bio section really stand out. You can add some emojis or line breaks, all depending on what you want to achieve. However, be aware that you need to be moderate when designing your profile. The mobile and web versions of your profile may appear differently. So, with too many emojis and line breaks it may not appear well on either of those sites.

There are a variety of ways to use the bio section. Companies have learned how to make the best use of their bio sections in order to give valuable information about such businesses.

Among the several ways the bio has been used include using it to identify branded hashtags, directing people to their websites after signing up, and a host of other ways. Since no two businesses are identical, you can find out what works well for you and stick to it.

When you are through with this section, you would have created an amazing bio that will fully represent your brand, and one that your followers can always use to connect with your business.

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