Not Sure This Whole Blogging Thing Will Work Out For You?


I’m oftentimes asked, “but how do you make money blogging”?

My answer is always that I use my blog as a marketing tool to drive traffic to my site but you can actually make money blogging if that’s your desire.

That’s what I have for you today.  My guest is making money from blogging and she’s going to share with you how you can do this too.

Take it away Elna and show them how this is done…

Not Sure This Whole Blogging Thing Will Work Out For You? - image Not-Sure-this-Whole-Blogging-Thing-Will-Work-Out on https://trunk.lyYou love writing don’t you?

Maybe you’re not sure if you really like writing, but you love reading blogs so that must count for something right?

I’m sure that’s why you’re reading Trunk’s blog. Not only for her inspirational posts but also for the motivational talks she gives about getting out there and telling your story for everyone to hear.

But, something’s holding you back. You either don’t know how to succeed at blogging, or you’re scared you’re going to fail before you even begin typing your first word.

How can you guarantee you’ll make a living from blogging? Not just the few dollars you might receive from AdSense, but enough money to replace your full-time salary?

Adrienne is succeeding at blogging, and many other bloggers are too, but you can’t possibly imagine how you and your blog could achieve that.

I’m proof there is a guaranteed way to earn a living from blogging. And it’s not from writing on your blog.

It’s from writing on other people’s blogs.

And if I can make a viable living from blogging on a part-time schedule, then I know you can too.

How This Mom Got a Handle on Blogging

I’m a freelance writer. Most of my clients are blogging clients. In my first six months as a blog writer, I was able to replace my full-time income only working part-time hours.

See, I’m also a mother to twin toddlers. So, during the day, I’m super mom, and when my twins sleep, I’m a freelance writer.

But, I never imagined this life for myself. All I wanted was to stay at home and raise my children.

I didn’t read blogs much; I didn’t even have a Twitter account. If someone asked me if I know what a good WordPress theme was, I would’ve looked at them funny.

With my background in education and psychology, after my maternity leave was up, the only thing I knew to do was to go back to work. My husband, fortunately, introduced me to the world of online freelancing.

I learned quickly that there were many moms – just like me – who decided to venture into freelance blogging and were making a decent go of it.

Armed with what little knowledge I had, I put up my writer website ­– with some help from my husband  – and officially started to blog.

I wasn’t good at it. I had to learn how to format my posts and create engaging content.

But, I had the drive and passion for improving and, over time, I built a loyal following.

Within a short time, I landed my first real client who hired me to write for an online automotive newspaper. They paid me a recurring rate of $100 for an 800-word blog post. In my first official month of freelance blogging, I earned an easy $400. And soon after, I broke $1000 a month.

My Story Isn’t Unusual

Don’t think you can’t achieve this with your own blog? If you have a blog, and you want to monetize it, instead of the traditional ways of sponsored posting and running ads, why not offer a service like freelance blogging instead?

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of the popular financial blog Making Sense of Cents is also a freelance writter. She was able to leverage her blog to consistently land freelance writing gigs.

And, what if you don’t have a blog? Can you still get paid to write? Just look at Harleena Singh. She’s recognized as the commenting queen and is the owner of one of the most popular self-development blogs online, A-Ha Now.

But, you know what? Before she had her blog and before she was named the commenting queen, she was a freelance writer.

So, you see, if you love to write, and you’re a decent writer, then freelance writing can be your thing!

Freelance writing gives you the freedom to:

  • Earn what you want
  • Work as many hours as you’d like
  • Choose what topics you want to write about
  • Develop expert knowledge of your niche
  • Write about fun and exciting topics

Earn Your First $1k From Blogging Now

Not sure what steps to take to start your freelance writing path? Here are four steps you should follow if you want to open shop and get paid to write.

1. Begin Guest Posting

Are there several blogs you often frequent and enjoy reading? Take the opportunity to guest post on these blogs, and other blogs in your niche.

While it’s to your advantage to try and land guest spots on popular blogs like the Huffington Post, don’t pull your hair out if it doesn’t happen.

You want to get your name out there and, for this to happen, you need to land several guest posts.

And with each guest post you land, you have the chance to promote your services with your author bio. Mention you’re a freelance writer for hire and list your niches. When prospective clients read your post and see who you are they may contact you for your services.

2. Invest in Blogger Outreach

What has Adrienne been teaching you? How important it is to network and connect with other bloggers!

Adrienne was one of the first few bloggers that connected with me. When I first started out freelance writing, I went to several blogs to learn about blogging and Adrienne’s site provided great tips.

I was ecstatic that she actually took the time to respond to my comment and from then on, I read her blog and commented when I could.

I’ve done this with other influencers as well, and it’s definitely helped me increase my value as a writer.

So, part of your marketing strategy is to visit other blogs, comment on them and share their posts. Connect with others in your industry and engage with them on social media.

You never know; one of these connections could lead to a paid gig.

3. Grow Your Social Media Presence

One thing I learned quickly was to start growing my social media presence. If I wanted the opportunity for bloggers to approach me, I had to be on social media promoting my content.

I started a Twitter and LinkedIn profile. I opened up a Facebook page for my business and also jumped on Google+.

I tweeted my latest blog post and shared my client pieces. I also made sure to retweet any good posts I saw in my feed.

While I don’t have a lot of time in my day for social media, I dedicate a half hour a day to update my profiles and share other blogger’s content.

4. Get Out There and Pitch

If you want to start landing writing gigs, the best way to do this is to pitch to job ads. Places like ProBlogger, Blogging Pro and Blogger Jobs post frequent job ads for bloggers and writers.

Visit them every morning and before you go to bed. You’ll have a better chance of landing a gig if you pitch close to the time the ad was published.

If you’ve done the first three steps, you can prove in your pitch that you are a legit writer (you have guest posts published) and are a credible writer (you have a strong online presence).

I know it might seem scary to put yourself out there but if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed!

Take the First Step

Blogging can be a scary thing. You want it desperately to work out, but it’s a big risk. As a way to mitigate some risk, why not give freelance blogging a try?

You can totally do this yourself.

But, if you think you need a bit more personal help figuring out how to break into freelance writing, my new course Write Your Way to Your First $1k walks you through the exact steps I took – and the pitches I used to land high-paying gigs – to help you succeed at freelance blogging.

It’s a seven week self-paced course for bloggers and aspiring freelance writers. Take your time going through the actionable material, or finish it in as little as a week or two.

Over to you – what’s holding you back from getting out there and making blogging a living?XXXX

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