Is your blog set up for reader optimization?

There may be all this talk about Search Engine Optimization, but have you ever properly considered your blog’s readers? You know your blog is nothing without your readers, so for goodness sake don’t neglect them! They’re not the same as the spiders crawling around the web responding only to algorithms. We ought to not loseRead More

6 Authentic Ways Bloggers Can Network

With so many blogs for people to access, it’s can be easy for yours to get lost in the shuffle. The best way to prevent that is to grow your audience and establish your expertise. But how can you do that? Like anything else, it takes dedication and hard work. You have to commit toRead More

6 Elements of a Successful Blog Logo

As bloggers, we tend to work best with the written word. But for your blog’s brand to be successful, you have to learn to communicate in other ways, too. And for many bloggers, a logo is part of that brand. Whether it’s featured at the top of your website or on your business cards atRead More