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Maybe you’re a big time blogger or maybe you’re just starting out and getting the hang of things and maybe you’ve had a post go viral and maybe you haven’t. But with social media these days, it’s easy for a post of yours to go viral whether it’s through a popular pinner sharing one of your posts or a blogger sharing your link on Twitter. You may just get a big burst of followers heading over to a specific post of yours and trust me, you want to be prepared.

With my past lifestyle blog, I created a post that I was pretty proud of and made a pretty pinnable image and sent it off into the world hoping it would get noticed. And three months later, it finally did. And I was not ready for what was in store.

Brand new readers  were stopping by my blog just to check out the one post and judged my blog based on it. I had complete strangers leaving comments on my post leaving their VERY honest opinion about my thoughts and pointing out that my post was not suiting their fancy. I even had people correcting my grammar and spelling. And with some time, I saw that friends from elementary school were messaging me telling me they saw my post on Pinterest. It was all pretty weird and new to me.

And I learned a few things.


No, this blog is not an essay getting a grade, but don’t embarrass yourself by spelling everything wrong and using terrible grammar. New readers will notice and they will judge your blog based on that. Don’t give them a bad impression simply because you were too lazy or tired to double check your post. This is a public space and do you really want strangers questioning if you passed high school?

Consider your content and characters.

While the story about your risque bachelorette party might be funny or interesting to your family or friends, but are you comfortable with that story being seen by anyone out there? And are your friends that went to the party with you comfortable with their pictures being posted online for the world? Make sure that you’re respecting all parties mentioned in the post, including friends and strangers. A great thing to consider with every post- Are you comfortable with your grandma, future boss, and (future) teenage children reading your posts? If yes, you’re good to go! Post away.

Use a great image.

Do you really want that blurry selfie to be the image that shows up every time people share your post? Make sure you use a quality image for your post (which is something you should already be doing!) and that it’s something you would be proud to see pinned by a friend in your feed. The images can make or break your post, so leave the best impression with new readers! Tip: Use your own images!

Be confident in your work!

While having a post go viral can seem awesome, an increase in eyes will always mean the increase of judgemental eyes. You’ll get negative comments. People will tell you your post is stupid. People will judge the way you write. People will talk about your frizzy hair. Just remember that your post is awesome and there’s a reason it went viral- because soo many people appreciate what you have to say! Do your best to forget the trolls and the critics and post with confidence.

I could go on with tips for preparing posts for virality, but the main point is that you should always always always be putting out your best work. You might not think your post will ever be seen by thousands of people, but you should always be prepared if that day comes. Leave a great first impression so those new visitors will stick around! Do your best and be confident in your work!

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George M.

My name is George and I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the past 10 years and help you create and develop your own blog.

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