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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a word that has become almost an obsession to many. Bloggers form a special group of this obsessed kind. No matter what they write, or even if they deliver value or something new, most bloggers don’t fail to do one thing: SEO their blog posts.

SEO: Optimizing Blog Posts for People - image blogging-optimize-posts-for-people on https://trunk.lyI totally agree that SEO should not be under estimated. It should not be ignored. With so much competition and the ever changing algorithms with search engines, it is highly necessary that every blogger keeps himself/herself educated on the subject.

Bloggers need an extra dose of it, no matter what. Otherwise they will be totally lost in the vibrant community of competing entrepreneurs. For the same reason, bloggers are ready to spend a lot of money on SEO services (and without doubt, most of them are fake in the market).

Apart from this, bloggers put in a lot of time to learn how to optimize blog posts for search engines – there are quite some “rules” on the topic like

1. Use your main keyword in the title
2. Use it for at least x number of times in your content
3. Use it in your meta description
4. Use it in your post tag
5. Blah, blah, blah

Bloggers should educate themselves on the topic, explore their competition, see their potential keywords, research for profitable keywords, find out how to out perform their competition by building backlinks and all that stuff!

But there is a problem. Bloggers (some of them) take SEO too seriously and get obsessed by it. The result?

1. Checking out stats and rankings 24/7
2. Abusing guest posting for building backlinks
3. Abusing blog commenting for building backlinks by leaving spam comments all over the place
4. Keyword stuffing blog posts!

Now the 4th point is what I’m too concerned about (although I’m concerned about all these points pretty much). I keep on seeing lots of blog posts that are written merely for bots (the so called SEO).

Now why that? The answer is simple. Bloggers who are obsessed with SEO, take it to a level where they simply want bots to find their blogs as soon as possible for a keyword they are targeting, index their blog and hence they want to get a boost in their search engine rankings for that keyword.

Now the “idea” is great, but the way that the bloggers implement the idea is really terrible and pathetic. As a result, blogs now run for bots and not for people!

Bloggers who make it this way ultimately end up in writing something that looks as if it is written for bots (that’s for sure) and by bots! They usually try to strictly follow the SEO “rules” (the ones I mentioned above and much more) regarding optimizing their blog posts for search engines.

And there are quite some plugins out there to make your task easy this way. Scribe SEO, SEO Pressor, All in one SEO , YOAST SEO and many more. I too use a plugin (All in One SEO) and optimize my posts by following “rules”. Well… sort of.

OK so why am I talking about this topic at all, if that’s what I’m doing? There’s a right way and wrong way to do this. Let me tell you the right way (and my way too!) and you can go and figure out if you’re doing it right or wrong.

See below the SEO score (with Easy WP SEO) of this very post, as I am writing ?

SEO: Optimizing Blog Posts for People - image Easy-WP-SEO-Readability1 on https://trunk.lyTypically the plugin implements all the “rules” of any SEO plugin plus a LOT more (kinda tough) to gear up your posts optimization level. Apart from this I can SEO my post for two keywords as you can see in the image – a primary and a secondary keyword.

Yet I am able to write posts that are people friendly and yet bot friendly.

I write first!

Well this is the key. I conceive the idea, do the research and then write the post. Just-write-it, I mean. I don’t edit, I don’t spell check, I don’t chat and I don’t tweet! I don’t SEO. I don’t do anything else (except going off to browsing if I needed some more supportive information/data).

It is very important to not to try and edit or interrupt the flow of writing by doing anything else. And if you are using a SEO plugin you are being in control of some piece of software which teaches you how to write your stuff. And with all the SEO “rules” you know what you’ll get as a result.

For this reason, I simply don’t write my blog posts at WordPress Editor. I have this SEOplugin installed and I will be tempted to follow its recommendations.

Hence, I write the post usually offline and when I think that its ready, I simply copy paste it (remove any formatting) and then start to SEO it.

Using software for SEO writing … A big Nah!

Of course it goes without saying that you should not use “software” to write blog posts! I hear you asking “Will someone do it?”. My answer is “Yes many are doing it!”.

Even if you’re spinning articles for mass article submissions I wouldn’t recommend using software. You may at least outsource this task so that “real people” spin it for you. Coz no matter how many promises these softwares make, they’re still software and all they can do is just replace words with synonyms and shuffle your content!

The end result is most likely for bots (even bots hate them) and not for people.

OK so I was telling you how I do it. You may do one important thing – indeed you could use it effectively. You can write blog posts based on well researched keywords.

Placing your blog post on keyword research

Well with every idea that I conceive, I do keyword research and find out one or more potential keywords. I then use KeywordTool.IO to find out a handful of potential keywords (including long tail keywords).

Sometimes each of those keywords can form as a base for each blog post idea; each of those keywords could be developed into a blog post.

In other cases, you could find a handful of keywords (a combination of short and long ones) and spread them evenly throughout your blog post. You have to do it in such a way that it doesn’t hurt your readers.

SEO blog posts: Takeaway

This is my way of doing it! Conceive the idea – Do keyword research – Base your post either on one or more of the keywords you choose – Write your post based on one keyword – SEO it after you finish writing (after you have conveyed your point completely).

So what’s your way of SEO ing your blog posts?

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