How to stay ahead of Google’s updates


Every now and then, Google releases a significant update to their algorithm, which can have a massive impact on businesses from any industry. To hone your SEO chops and make sure your site doesn’t fall into Google’s bad books, it’s important to stay up-to-date with Google’s updates as they are released.

Fortunately, almost every time a major update is released, those updates are reported on by the entire SEO community and often publicly discussed and confirmed by Google staff.

A long extended history of Google’s updates would fill this entire guide, but with the resources below, you can stay abreast of new Google updates as they are rolled out. This is essential knowledge for anyone practicing SEO, at a beginner or an advanced level.

You can even keep your ear to the ground with these sources and often be forewarned of future updates.

Google Updates by Search Engine Round Table

Search Engine Round Table is one of the industry’s leading blogs on SEO. At the page above, you can browse all of the latest articles on Google updates by a leading authority on the topic.

Moz Blog

The Moz blog is mentioned several times in this guide and for good reason—it’s pretty much the leading authority blog on all things SEO, and if there’s an impending update Google have hinted at, you will catch wind of it here.

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