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SiteGround Review – What Makes It One of the Few Hosts Recommended by WordPress?


logo_250SiteGround has grown into one of the most popular shared hosts over the past ten years it’s been in business. It’s also one of the few hosts that WordPress recommends on its website, which is actually quite an accomplishment given the surprisingly large number of shared hosts out there.

One of its biggest selling points is its performance to price ratio, which seems to be incredibly impressive. The great support is another reason SiteGround boasts a great customer retention rate.

Features at a Glance

SiteGround does come with many impressive features, and we will be taking a quick look at some of the important ones below.

  • The option to choose from three different serves, based in the USA (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore)
  • All hosting plans it offers come with a free domain
  • The servers boast an advanced configuration and are updated regularly
  • Advanced security measures help ensure the safety of your site when another one hosted on the same server gets attacked in any way
  • Updated software and quick fixes for minor issues
  • Amazing uptime
  • 24×7 online support
  • Custom caching solution and plugin for websites hosted on WordPress and Joomla
  • Believed to follow Google recommended practices when it comes to the site speed
  • And many more

SiteGround Uptime record 

Uptime is obviously the most important feature of any host, besides the site speed. And to your surprise, SiteGround claims to have an uptime as high as 99.996%.

One of the tests conducted to check its uptime reported that there was just one instance of downtime of a few minutes in quite a long time. Hence, we can easily conclude that SiteGround is definitely one of the more reliable options in the shared hosting space, especially with some other hosts offering a terrible uptime.

SiteGround claims to be using some advanced techniques to identify and prevent instances of downtime, without even requiring the staff to fix it. It helps it consistently maintain an almost 100% uptime.

Server Speed Test

SiteGround Speed TechnologyWhen it comes to the site speed, SiteGround seems to be beyond impressive for a shared host As far as the tests did using ByteCheck are concerned, a website hosted on SiteGround usually takes just around 200ms to respond, and gets fully loaded in under 500ms, with the usual range being 350 – 450ms.

These are indeed some pretty impressive numbers for a shared host, especially one that also offers a plan priced at under $4/month. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s able to offer such an amazing loading time is because it allows its users to use the Google PageSpeed module, which is based on Apache.

It’s actually a unique advantage of hosting with SiteGround, as most other shared host don’t allow users to use this feature, as it may result in interfering with some other functions of your site. However, apparently, SiteGround allows the use of this feature with some advanced techniques that help prevent such issues.

Finally, it’s also probably worth noting that the loading time is fairly consistent too. You would usually never come across any spikes or instance of your website taking much longer to load than usual, which seems to be fairly common with some other shared hosts out there.

Amazing Support

SiteGround Hosting SupportOur experience was FANTASTIC. Unless you’re buying hosting for the first time in your life, you probably know that the support is one of the most important factors to take into consideration while choosing a host. In fact, it’s actually also something that reflects whether a host is indeed as good as they claim to be or not.

With that being said, there seems to be little doubt that SiteGround is among the best, if not the best, when it comes to the support. While there’s the usual ticket-based support, there’s also a 24×7 live chat support as well as phone support.

Usually, you would find your questions being answered and queries being resolved in a matter of a few minutes, perhaps a little longer sometimes. This is despite the fact that they are believed to be dealing with over 1500 tickets, 800 phone calls and 2000 chat requests in a day.

Furthermore, apparently, it’s also the “quality” of their support that doesn’t fail to please the customers. Regardless of whether you need help with an advanced issue or just looking to learn how to change nameservers on your domains, you would usually get just as detailed and helpful response.

It’s perhaps the reason SiteGround is also considered to be an ideal beginner-friendly host. The support staff doesn’t seem to mind to be just as helpful even when it comes to really basic issues such as site transfer and creating email addresses.


Well, this is probably the only area where SiteGround is not THAT impressive. Well, yes, the most basic plan comes at just $3.95/month with the discount, but it allows you to host just one domain. However, if you’re just starting out or just looking to work on just one site for now, it may not really be a problem at all as that price is quite affordable given all the features you’re offered, along with a free domain (which alone costs around $10 usually).

Web Hosting Crafted For Top Website Performance SatisfactionComing to the second plan, it’s priced at $7.95/month (with the discount) and allows you to host unlimited domains. It’s usually what many webmasters would want to go for, as it may offer them a great balance of price and features.

However, it may still turn out to be a little expensive for some, especially those who are looking to host just two to three domains. Similarly, there may be times when the server would experience more load due to hosting a large number of domains. But unless a little slower load time really bothers you (in which case, you should be considering the most advanced plan), it may not really turn out to be much of a problem.

Now, coming to the most advanced or expensive plan, let us tell you that it’s not for everyone. Coming with a price tag of $14.95/month (even with the 50% off) and offering a bunch of advanced features, it may neither be fit for everyone’s budget, nor something most people would need. It, however, is the ultimate hosting plan for very experienced webmasters having a huge site portfolio and needing many advanced technical features.

A Final Word

Finally, it cannot be ignored that SiteGround is more expensive than many other shared hosts, and they are all not that bad. However, if you want to have the peace of mind of hosting your site with one of the most reliable shared hosts out there, and avoid pretty much all the hassles involved while hosting a site with some of them, SiteGround may indeed turn out to be your best bet.

With an almost 100% uptime, incredibly impressive loading time, and the fact that it’s been recommended by itself, there’s hardly anything SiteGround leaves to be desired, especially if you don’t mind paying a little more to get a bunch of extra features and much better reliability.

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