Social Media Friendly Content that Boosts SEO: 8 Tips for Bloggers

“If Social media and SEO fit together like peanut butter and jelly, then content is the bread that holds them together.” Using content to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) is about creating “stuff” — on your website, blog, and on social media platforms — in such a way that the content (and thus your websiteRead More

A Guide to Writing Killer Facebook Ad Headlines

Listen up, freelancers… As a lot of you know, the primary service I offer my clients is social media management, which depending on the client, often consists of a whole bunch of moving parts… Daily posting Comment moderation Driving engagement Proactive outreach And quite often, a paid advertising strategy. No one single aspect of social mediaRead More

31 Twitter Tools for Business: How to Manage Twitter Like a Pro

If you are into blogging or any kind of online business, social media is something inevitable. If you ignore social media completely, you will miss out a lot. For one, a very big share of your target audience hang out on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and the like. Hence your presence on socialRead More