Why Can’t I Make Any Money Blogging?


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When you set out to  blog  for business you bought into the content marketing dream; working from the beach somehow not managing to get sand in your laptop. A light breeze making the summer heat bearable and a Paypal account that was frequently being frozen as it was being filled with cash every day of the week and the authorities are convinced you are doing something illegal, but you’re not, you are just marketing your business.

I empathise, because I bought into that dream too, only mine also featured a Maserati as well.

And you’ve bought all the essential things to help make your blog earn you more money…

  • Premium theme with rich snippets mark-up and HTML 5
  • Email pop-up
  • Premium plugins
  • And all other kinds of fancy gizmos

You have all of this and more, and your blog still isn’t earning you money.

You buy course after course and you still have to break even. I understand, truly I do, although I broke even long ago.

Now here’s the deal. It’s not your fault you aren’t making money blogging.

Truly it’s not. It’s other people’s fault. They tell you things like…

  • Anyone can blog
  • It’s easy to make money
  • You can just add affiliate links to get rich
  • people will queue up to hand you cash for advertising
  • You don’t need any special skills
  • And you don’t need to be able to write
  • You can write a blog post whenever the muse takes you
  • You don’t need to promote your post
  • You can write about whatever the hell you like
  • Google will never fall out of love with you
  • You don’t need a product
  • You don’t have to write every day

And you believe them, I know you did, because I did too.

Now here’s the thing, the secret they never tell you – none of that matters.

The only thing that matters is discipline.

You have to get a routine and stick with it. Come hell or high water. You may not feel like blogging, tough, get up write your damn post and press publish. You may feel that promoting your content is bragging so you’ll only share it once. Tough, share it at least 3 times a week at different times and be proud of your work.

When you have a routine your writing will improve, when you write often your readers will get to know you faster and when you promote your content you are saying loud and clear “Look at me, I can help you”. You may feel self conscious, you may feel nervous, but if you don’t do it, who will?

You cannot just write when you feel like it, unless you feel like every day at 9am.

You have to have some discipline, and to start with you will need a lot. You will need to persevere when someone is telling you stop splitting infinitives,that you’ve misused an apostrophe or made a typo. These happen all the time. Get over it and get on with it.

  • You will need to write every day.
  • You will need to reply to comments, that’s writing
  • You will need to reply to reader’s emails, that’s writing
  • You will need to thank people for sharing socially, that’s also writing
  • You will need to do the SEO things like using Keywords and Content Optimizing Plugins

When you blog, writing becomes part of your life. Accept it and move on and don’t try and fight it. Denying that blogging is writing is like wrestling a pig; you’ll get dirty and only one of you will enjoy it.

At some point you will offend the search engines. It happens, they may decide that their jealous of your love affair with Facebook or that sharing your post on Twitter is a cardinal sin. It’s their playground and their rules, but remember theirs is not the only playground and you can play where you damn well like.

You need to show up, you need to network and you need to build trust with your blog. You can’t do that if you post once a month or whenever the moon’s in Uranus.

You will need a product, you can’t make money blogging without one. It can be your product, someone else’s but you need something to sell. You cannot sell unicorns and fairydust, people want something tangible and whilst you might want to buy hope, the people selling it don’t actually own it in order to sell it to you.

So here’s the deal dear Trunk.ly reader, and I’m thrilled you’ve got this far, you want to make money blogging but you don’t want to put the work in. If that’s the case and you are still enamoured of the idea of making money with your blog then you have one option left – get someone else to do it. That’s right, outsource the whole damn lot of it.

You’ll have the discipline because you’re paying for it, you’ll have found a product and you’ll have someone promoting it for you. Good stuff.

Just remember, tactics never replaced a strategy in any niche and that includes blogging.

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My name is George and I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics. I created this blog to share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the past 10 years and help you create and develop your own blog.

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