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Blogging is nothing is it wasn’t for WordPress. In my opinion, WordPress is solely responsible for the glory of blogging trend. Before WordPress, it was quite difficult to blog over the internet. So, in a nutshell, WordPress revolutionize blogging not only in terms of viewers, but also, it is so easy and subtle for the blogger side that the trend is now on the next level.

However, we’re not here to discuss the trend of the WordPress. We’re here to talk about the improvement in your blog’s usability. WordPress is such an easy task for blogging as just to download plugins, install and activate them. Adding a feature on a WordPress blog is that easy.

There are cases, where I have seen bloggers get too excited and keep too many plugins to have a featured blog. This causes them huge trouble, as the site gets heavier, it becomes slower and slower. This results in slow page loading. And ultimately it causes higher bounce rate because the blog is too slow to load.

WordPress provides so many facilities yet there are certain things which you have to do yourself. There are some plugins which can help you in maintaining your site. And before going on the list, I want to clear one thing. I am not giving you just those plugins which will speed your blog up. These plugins are those which will provide you additional support in order to perform better. These plugins are on various niches like SEO, Social Sharing, Editorial. In short, it will increase your website’s usability. So, let’s get started,

1.  Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

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Yoast SEO is one of the most popular tools when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. It has an incredible snippet editor and real-time page analysis. This facilitates you to analyze your page contents, meta description, images, and much more. Let us check some of its features both in free and paid version,

  • Post meta and title description.
  • Content Analysis
  • Canonical Settings
  • Primary categories
  • Redirect Manager (Paid Feature)
  • Social Previews (Paid Feature)
  • Multi-focus keywords (Paid Feature)

The list was just starting, there are many more features and to be honest I need a full quota of a new article to jot down the entire characteristics of Yoast SEO plugin.


2.  WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

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In order to make your WordPress Blog fast and tidy, you need something which can effectively clean your WordPress database. WP-optimize is just that tool. If you want your WordPress blog to run on its maximum efficiency then you must install and activate it. Some of its features are,

  • Removes all the trash, spam, stale data, and trackbacks.
  • Compact MySQL tables with just a button press.
  • It makes space. When you hit save in your WordPress editor, a new revision gets saved inside your WordPress database. WP-Optimize removes those useless revision copies and makes your database lighter.
  • Carries out Weekly/Monthly cleanups.
  • Highly mobile friendly.

There are many other features as well. You must add this plugin on your priority list or else you’re doomed.


3.  Simple Share Buttons Adder

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This plugin is very simple yet very effective. If a viewer of your blog likes any post in your blog and wants to share that blog on social media. This plugin will equip you with the exact tool you need. Let’s check some of its features,

  • It comes with 11 sets of buttons which can perfectly scale on a different variety of devices.
  • You can customize every button with your own color by using color picker functionality.
  • It also shortens the URL as
  • All the sharing options are trackable. You can easily track all the shares on your tracking Dashboard.
  • Also includes shortcodes as well.


4.  Bloom WordPress Plugin

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Bloom is an awesome tool for geotagging your content so that whenever someone near that location search for the same type of content, then your content is preferred as a local page search. This can be ultimate for those who are spreading their local business. Try Bloom now.

5.  Fancier Author Box Plugin

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If you’re a blogger who considers his/her every page as a landing page then this plugin is just for you. This plugin can easily help you to create new contacts and leads. You can allow the plugin to appear on,

  • In Post (above, below, none)
  • In page (above, below, none)
  • In custom post types (above, below, none)
  • You can also choose for a standard author bio with Gravatar image and social profile icons.


6.  CoSchedule WordPress Plugin

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CoSchedule is an online all in one editorial calendar for social sharing and content marketing. It is a perfect place to schedule all the social media scheduling and post update schedule. Let’s check some its features,

  • Schedule and Monitor all your social traffic.
  • Schedule all the bulk social media messages.
  • Enable you to integrate with Evernote, Drive, Google Analytics etc.

Start using CoSchedule, there is a 14 days trial period, worth a shot.

7.  Disqus WordPress Plugin

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Disqus is world’s most popular and trusted the commenting system. This increases the viewer’s interest and leads to may be a quality or not discussion. But it certainly increases the engagement of the viewers. Some of its many features are,

  • Sync all the comments automatically for backup.
  • In order to grow the revenue, there is a monetization option.
  • Use HTML tags for the comment text formatting.
  • Nested 3 level comment display.
  • Highly flexible login option→ Social Media Login with Facebook, Twitter, and guest commenting option as well.

A must use of Disqus if you want to increase the engagement.

8.  Gravity Forms Plugin

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Gravity Forms are very important and highly featured plugin. It is a paid version and cost around $39.

This plugin is awesome to handle all kind of form generation. Let’s see how gravity forms can be used,

  • This simple gravity form includes integration with CAPTCHA plugin.
  • The contact forms are collectible through email routing. This proves very great for larger organizations.
  • Efficient integration with Mailchimp
  • All the entries are stored and viewable from the backend of the site. Also, you can export all the entries as a CSV file.


9.  Post Teaser WordPress Plugin

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Post teaser can be a wonderful plugin if you want to give a little and lovely glimpse of your post to your viewers. You can include a word count, or an image count or an estimated reading time. It is free of cost and can be very convenient for your viewers. Try Post Teaser now.

10. WordPress Popular Posts Plugin

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It is a fully customizable widget that will enable you to show your visitors your most popular posts on your blog. Let’s see some of its main features,

  • It enables you to set multiple widgets with each one on its own setting.
  • It allows you to specify the post for how long it has been popular.
  • You can also show the thumbnail of your post if you want.
  • You can also choose if you wish to show something else on the widgets.

So, these are the 10 plugins that will increase your WordPress Blog’s usability.

Let’s have a quick recap before exiting,

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP-optimize
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder
  • Bloom
  • Fancier Author Box
  • CoSchedule
  • Disqus
  • Gravity Forms
  • Post teaser
  • WordPress Popular Posts

So, these are the plugins which will definitely increase the usability of your WordPress Blogs.

Hey, do you like my list? Share your own list for increasing the blog usability with me through comments. Till then have a Good Day!

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