Your Content Is Your Ad [Infographic]


I love to share information about blogging because as bloggers we do love to learn right.

I’ve seen several infographics lately that have shared some pretty interesting facts about blogging.  Although most of the actual statistics aren’t the same they’re pretty darn close.

I’m sure you’ll get the general idea from this particular infographic just how many new blogs are cropping up every single day, some of the statistics about how blogs help us make our buying decisions, how blogging consistently each month can help bring you more traffic and when most people read blog posts.

Well, check it out for yourself.

Your Content Is Your Ad [Infographic] - image Interesting-Facts-About-Blogs-8 on

Pretty interesting right!  Blogging is the way to go and it’s obvious that more and more people each year are starting a blog.

I love the part about how they help people make buying decisions.

Content Is More Important Then Ever

We’re all on top of Google’s recent updates with Panda and Penguin and everyone shouting that SEO is dead.  Although I think that’s a bunch of bull what I do know is content is overriding a lot of the advertising that’s taking place today.

The way Google’s adjusting their algorithms it’s obvious that they are favoring social engagement a lot more.

So what does this mean for bloggers?

One of my Triberr buddies, Ted Rubin, wrote a post back in June that really caught my eye.  You know how some topics will just stay with you!   It all had to do with our content and how our content is the marketing, they are the ads.

Take for instance when you write a review on a product or share your own experience about something that’s worked for you.  Whether you realize it or not, that’s what people want.  This is what helps your readers connect with you and how the conversations begin.

The more comments you receive, the more conversations that take place, the more that topic or brand will catch people’s eyes.  As Ted states, it “makes that brand more visible in search”.  We all want that right!

As I talk a lot about blogging communities, mine has really been here for me.  You guys are always in on the conversations, you share my content, you’re emotionally connected to me and what I post.  This is what Ted was referring to as being “the ads of the future”.

When you write helpful content and ask those questions, this is what helps your readers want to get in on the conversation as well.  Make them feel wanted and give them a reason to keep coming back for more.  The more they stay engaged the more it will help raise your brand’s visibility.

Content Takes First Place

Do you agree with what Ted shared?  Do you believe that the information you share in your posts become the ads themselves?  Do you agree that the algorithms are starting to favor social engagement so much more?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so be sure to share those with me in the comments below.  Always appreciate you sharing this with your friends too.  Would love to hear their thoughts as well.

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